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31 October, 2006

Kik Ginseng Chewing Gum

Kik Ginseng GumThe latest product from Wisconsin's Finest Ginseng is "Kik Energy Balance Ginseng Gum".

It basically gives you all the benefits of ginseng in a chewing gum. Comes in two flavors, peppermint and spearmint.

The package text reads, "Kik-a healthy fresh sensation - Ginseng Kik may increase alertness. Traditionally, ginseng has been used to increase an overall sense of well-being. Tests have shown that ginseng's adaptogen effect helps all-around resistance and strengthens the entire body by boosting the immune system, fighting fatigue, reducing stress, and increasing stamina."

It comes with a suggested retail price of $1.25 per box, and each box has 12 pieces. You can also order it online in bulk shipments of 12 boxes for $15.00.

Visit the website:


Anonymous said...

This is sugarless and the manufacturer fails to identify the source ingredients so you may be getting carcinogenic aspartame or the toxic chlorinated hydrocarbon sucralose in this product.

Even Armstrong's drink is loaded with toxic sucralose.

Not good for health.

Anonymous said...

who the hell cares? its chocolate cake and unless you are a real junkie, u dont eat it everyday..why do some people like complicating the simple joys of life?
some people who have never smoked a single cigarette get lung cancer..
keep your scrupulous health consciousness to yourself, most people actually know and they just dont care..

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