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30 October, 2006

KFC Changes Cooking Oil

KFC LogoYum Brands Inc., which owns the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain, announced today that it will start cooking its famous fried chicken with a new type of cooking oil called "low-linolenic soybean oil"

The oil is produced by a company called Qualisoy, who last year, struck a deal with Kellogg's to provide the same oil for many of its products.

The new oil will eliminate the presence of trans-fat from KFC's chicken.

Qualisoy went on to say that this deal could raise the current market value of soybean commodities by an additional $100 million.

The move by KFC comes after a new law was passed in New York City banning the use of trans-fat in restaurant food. Many other NYC restaurants complained that the switch from trans-fat would not be easy.

KFC has also been under heavy assault from animal rights groups, including celebrities, for "chicken atrocities", which probably factors into their quick move towards seeking popular approval.


Anonymous said...

After reading this story I remembered this story I saw yesterday about Col Sanders eating this fancy pie floater covered in mashed peas and gravy in Sydney.. They looked so good..if only he could soak it in a bit of cooking oil it might make the KFC menu

have a look

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