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27 October, 2006

Heinz Mean Beanz in Australia

Heinz Mean BeanzHeinz is launching the Mean Beanz line in Australia.

Mean Beanz are the spicy varieties of baked beans originally launched in the UK. They're not available in the USA. However, the Australian-edition is comprised of varieties not seen in the UK...

  • Mexican Jackal

  • Boston Bull

  • Indian Snatch
Apparently the people "down under" don't understand that that "snatch" is an American derogatory for a woman's genitals. But then again, these are "mean beanz".

Mexican Jackal is described as being a blend of jalapeno peppers and chili. I don't know what the other two varieties are supposed to be.


Anonymous said...

About the name inclucing the word "snatch", I would like to say that the product is marketed in Australia and not the USA.

Why does everything have to be America-centric? There's a whole world beyond America.

Anonymous said...

Funny though...

Australians are more then aware that snatch is a word for female genitalia.

Its probably another funny product that got by the naive censorship board.

Indian snatch as a hot baked beans food... funny as hell.

Jarrod Potter said...

We know what snatch means in Australia, but we aren't as crass as any garden variety American.

Stop being a condescending elitist.

Anonymous said...

Lemme put it this way, it's hilarious to us "yanks" or "seppos" :). So imagine if you will, finding that Cadbury decided to market a candy bar in the states called "Fanny Nut Crunch". Funny? Not Funny?

Anonymous said...

What does the "whole world beyond America" think 'Indian Snatch' means?

Anonymous said...

Mexican Jackal sounds about as accurate as 'Himalayan Dingo'. They're not even found outside of Africa. Unless they meant 'coyote'...

Mary Sue on 10/30/2006 01:46:00 PM said...

I honestly didn't make the snatch connection for a few minutes. I was busy being horrified by the "Mexican Jackal", since calling someone a jackal in Mexico is really not nice (kinda like calling a lawyer a shark, with overtones of dickhead).

Anonymous said...

What is up with Australian marketing teams? They really need to think about the products they promote without offending people. This sounds so racist!

Anonymous said...

This really wouldn't be one of the things you would want people to find in your pantry during a party.

Lorraine on 3/14/2008 09:06:00 PM said...

Indian Snatch....tee hee. I would have to try them. Good marketing i guess?

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm I love Mexican Jackal Mean Beanz. Taste like baked beans with salsa.

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