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11 October, 2006

Harley Davidson Beef Jerky

ConAgra Foods announced yesterday that it signed a multi-year licensing agreement with Harley-Davidson to produce a new brand of beef jerky, dubbed "Harley-Davidson Beef Jerky".

"Tough jerky for tough bikers", I imagine.

Tom Parsons, Harley-Davidson's acting general manager of general merchandise, said that...

Harley riders live for the time they spend on their motorcycles, and beef jerky is a convenient food for the open road. It's a great way for riders to grab a snack and keep on rolling, and we look forward to working with ConAgra Foods to bring this road food to market.

I wonder why Harley-Davidson didn't opt to use "hog" meat instead?

Harley-Davidson Beef Jerky will be available in three flavors, Original, Teriyaki and Pepper, and sold in 3.25-ounce packages. Shipping is expected to begin in January 2007 to convenience stores and authorized Harley-Davidson dealerships.


Anonymous said...

HD should spend more money building a quality bike. Beef jerky - junk food while riding a junk motorcycle!!!!

Anonymous said...

The product was a flop. A store has to either sell it as the same price as the other brands and absorb the brand name licensing cost, or sell it for more in order to maintain the same margin.

A store is better off just selling oberto, jacklink or premmican. And premmican is already a conagra brand jerky.

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