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31 October, 2006

Choklat Crunch Bars

Choklat Crunch BarsChoklat Crunch Protein in Belgian Chocolate is the newest product from Bionutritional Research Group, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements in Santa Ana, CA.

The company specializes in a product called "Proto Whey", which they describe as "the planet's most advanced protein delivery system". The protein in Proto Whey is supposed have an absortion rate of 100%, as compared to 30% for traditional sources of protein.

Each Choklat Crunch bar contains Proto Whey, giving consumers a delicious way to absorb high amounts of protein fast.

They're available in the USA in Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate varieties, presented in a 3.1 oz bar. Choklat Crunch contain 20 grams of protein per serving, and contains no inferior soy or collagen proteins, and no sugar alcohols.

Visit Bionutritional Research Group at:

Note: as of this writing, Choklat Crunch is not yet mentioned on their website.


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