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27 October, 2006

Boulder Canyon Spinach & Artichoke Potato Chips

Boulder Canyon Spinach & Artichoke Potato ChipsPoore Brothers Inc., which owns the Boulder Canyon brand of snack foods, launched a new flavor called "Spinach & Artichoke" under their line of kettle potato chips.

The brand, which has historically touted its use of natural ingredients, perhaps seeks greater association with health-consciousness by making this new variety lower in sodium, and using the dreaded "spinach & artichoke" words.

If you can think of two vegetables that you hated as a child, and that your mother always touted the nutritional benefits of, it would have to be spinach and artichoke.

Just mentioning those two words alone seem to make these potato chips healthier.


Anonymous said...

It's like spinach and artichoke cheesy dip, mmmmm

Anonymous said...

the spin and artichoke were great, but at the same time i got a bag of totally naturals as well, and they are rancit, they smell like bad oil and also taste of bad oil. so you can track your problem they have a jan 5 and 5G1D ON THE BAG. I AM SURPRISED I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS FROM YOUR COMPANY BEFORE, SO CHECK IT OUT GUYS, DON'T WANT YOU HAVING ANY PROBLEMS, THIS IS ONLY A FRIENDLY NOTIFICATION, NOT A SOLICITATION FOR ANYTHING OR EVEN REPLACEMENT, JUST WATCH THE OIL IN THE FUTURE. THANKS A HAPPY CUSTOMER

Anonymous said...

bought a bag of "totally natural chips" and they were practically rancid. bag was marked "enjoy by" Jan 12 3G3D. opened the bag 12/18.Gerry Lind
P.O. Box 807
Sonoita AZ. 85637

Anonymous said...

These chips are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I can't eat them though because I can't have dairy. Very good though. I love spinach and artichoke! Who doesn't love a good boiled artichoke? Dip it in salt, mayo or melted butter. Mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I recently bought two cases of these chips (via Sam's Club) for my office, as we've had them before and they're very popular. The "Enjoy By" date was July 9, 2009.
I tried a bag and instantly knew something was wrong. The chips tasted rancid. Like an idiot, I decided to eat half the bag before throwing them out. I paid for it all night (horrible gas, cramping, and diarrhea) and into the next day.
I know it had to be the chips because I didn't eat anything else suspect that day. Plus, I have had multiple officemates complain about the chips "not tasting right" and have seen some mostly-full bags of them in the trash.
Boulder, you really need to exercise some quality control before somebody gets seriously ill from your product.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I ate the chips on June 1, 2009.

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