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08 September, 2006

Toffee Crunch Drizzlecorn

Dale and Thomas Popcorn Drizzlecorn is the perfect solution for those who can't decide between a salty or a sweet snack. The Toffee Crunch Drizzlecorn features "crunchy chunks of real buttery toffee, jumbled with our fluffy, fresh-popped corn and finished with a drizzle of a chocolate coating". The Drizzlecorn is packaged in a box that resembles a theatre concession box and is a great treat for the movies.

Dale and Thomas Drizzlecorn is also available in Peanut butter and White Chocolate, Dreamy Chocolate, and Crunchy Chipotle Cheddar. The 3.6oz box sells for $3.99 and can be purchased directly from Dale and Thomas Popcorn on their website:


freelulu on 9/09/2006 03:55:00 PM said...

They also sell this at World Market Stores. I saw some there today.


Anonymous said...

They sell it at Target

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