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09 September, 2006

Protein Bakery Blondie Brownies

The Protein Bakery now offers a variety of Blondie Brownies that are high in protein, wheat free and contain whey protein. The Protein Bakery claims that the brownies are made with real light brown sugar, rolled oats, the highest quality milk chocolate, butterscotch, white chocolate; yet contain less carbohydrates than average blondies.

Flavors include Blondie Classic, Blondie with Cappuccino Chips, Blondie with White Chips, and the Black & White Blondie. All varieties are sold in individual clear wrappers, 4-count silver square tins, 6-count clear plastic "gift" bags, and 8-count "gift" boxes all tied with a ribbon. The cost ranges from $2.89 up to $22.89.

The Protein Bakery's brownies and other treats can be ordered directly from their website ( and delivered to your door.


Anonymous said...

Whey Protein is a very healthy way to increase your intake of protein without weight gain.

Anonymous said...

You call all that saturated fat and mountains of carbs healthy? I'm sure you work for the company. Nice try!

Andrew Abraham on 10/15/2008 10:07:00 AM said...

What a cool idea about protein brownies... I am a member of a social networks site... and we recieved a post on Brownies and wanted to hear you opinions of it …I stumpled upon your post…and thought you would be a good sounding board.. we have a bake sale coming up…and want it to turn out good for our daughter… please advise…thanks

Jimmy on 12/09/2009 11:50:00 PM said...

They look tasty. They might be high in protein but I doubt they are healthy. That's why it's the junk food blog :D

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