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24 September, 2006

Make Your Own Gummies Kit

For those who love gummies...this kit is a must have! The new Make Your Own Gummies From Scratch Kit is sold in the USA in a 9.7 oz. (272.5g) box. The gummies are easy to make on stove or in microwave - as long as kids have some help from an adult!

The kit contains: Sour mix - Colored & flavored sugar - Powdered seaweed - Seaweed - Molding starch (all in pouches) - Instructions and story of carrageenan. "All you have to do is wash the seaweed and boil it a few minutes until the carrageenan is extracted. Then take out the seaweed itself, mix in the sugar, boil it again, pour it in the molds which you make yourself. The sour mix goes on last, and that's it - yummy gummies!"

The suggested retail price is $13.50.


Anonymous said...

You can find this kit for less. It is available at Kate's Caring Gifts for $9.95

Unknown on 10/30/2007 03:42:00 PM said...

Where is this product made?

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