02 August, 2006

Dubble Bubble Flavored Dental Floss

Dubble Bubble Flavored Dental FlossDu-More, Inc. of Rogers, AR is now offering a new type children's dental floss with the Dubble Bubble brand.

It's actually a bubble-gum flavored dental floss, with the little handles in bubble-gum color.

But with the Dubble Bubble logo and the cartoon kid in striped shirt, along with the candyish plastic bag, it's easy mistake this for a package of real gum.

A 45-count bag is retailing for $1.97.
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Barton's Chocolate-Covered Candy Canes

Now that the month of July is past us, perhaps it's time to talk about Christmas stuff!

If you're tired of the same old boring candy canes, Bartons Confections is now offering chocolate-covered candy canes. Said to have an "exclusive soft-crunch cane," they're crisp peppermint sticks drenched in decadent 70% dark chocolate.

They're also available in a milk chocolate variety.

If you don't want an entire cane, the company also offers chocolate covered candy cane pieces.

Each box retails for $3.00.
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