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13 July, 2006

You Say "Yogourt" I Say "Yogurt"

Breyers Frozen YogourtI came across this new product from the Breyers brand of frozen yogurt, and noticed the odd spelling, "Yogourt". Then I noticed that this product is marketed in Canada.

I was aware that yogurt is often spelled "yoghurt", with the additional "h". But I wasn't aware that that folks in Canada, and I presume in Britain and other commonwealths, spell it with the additional "o".

I guess it's just like how they spell other words incorrectly, like "colour" and "analyse".  


Anonymous said...

actually if we spell it that way in England.. and it's ENGLISH wouldn't you think that we are the ones who are correct?

Anonymous said...

and yet we don't spell it that way in Britain... must be a Canadian only thing?!

Anonymous said...

Of course - I forgot that the English language started in the USA - not England????? What the?

Anonymous said...

We're not spelling words incorrectly in the Commonwealth, you Americans are.

Not called Americanish now is it? Either speak your own language, or accept the fact that your nation is wrong on this one of many fronts.

Maybe you can spell these words for me in your own form of ENGLISH:


Anonymous said...

Well, we sure don't spell it that way in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Ha, the English are wrong?!! What a joke. You're the ones who can't spell, and we don't add an extra o anyway!

Anonymous said...

Ummm... did you just say the British spell things incorrectly??? Don't you know that English originates from.. guess what, England!!! Therefore if you Americans are spelling things differently to the British, then I'm afraid it is YOU who are spelling things incorrectly. English became the offical language of America, not the other way round!! And anyway, we spell it 'yoghurt'

kpoehlke on 11/15/2011 11:43:00 PM said...

I love all the previous comments. They are well put so I feel no need add my own commentary on your ignorance.

I'm from Canada and I've never seen anyone spell yoghurt that way.

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