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18 July, 2006

Muhammad Ali Launches Snack Food Company

GOAT Food CompanyThe heavyweight champion boxer who claimed to "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee" launched his own snack food and beverage company called, "GOAT Food & Beverage Company".

GOAT (which stands for Greatest Of All Time), was meant to provide kids with healthy options over the standard fare of potato chips, candies, and sodas.

The new company, a partnership with Muhammad Ali and brand inventor Peter Arnell, is partnering with Mars Incorporated and its innovative Health and Nutrition group to produce reduced calorie foods and beverages said to feature fruit laden rolls and finger foods baked in vaguely signature shapes like boxing gloves and punching bags, and to be offered in flavors like barbecued chicken, buffalo wings, sweet corn, and cole slaw.

Due to be released in early 2007 is the company's first line of snacks, the "Shuffle Snack", a mix of shapes, colors and textures, containing only 35 fat calories compared to 111 for a comparable portion of potato chips. It'll be targeted toward young adults, 16 to 24 year olds. The snack is intended to be eaten throughout the day, in seven "rounds", with "round" five being late in the day when people may need a vitamin-rich pick-me-up.


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