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07 July, 2006

Mix 'N Magic - Super Sports Power Potion

Mix 'N Magic - Super Sports Power PotionThe Mix N' Magic line of candy-filled bracelets is now available in a new variety, "Super Sports Power Potion".

Of course, the new variety is not really any different than the other varieties; it's all the same candy, just different names.

But what's new with this one is that the candy now includes energy boosting properties, instead of just plain old "good luck" as with the other varieties. I imagine this claim is a little more realistic.

Check out what the package says...

"Our Magical Potions give you that extra burst of energy before the big game or test, or that bit of luck that you may need in a special relationship. For best results, wear your bracelet for several days and let the colors mix as you wear them. Just before you need that boost, disconnect one end of the bracelet and eat the magical contents."

The package also goes on to explain the different colors that make up their new Super Sports Power Potion...

"Secret Magic Super Sports Potion - 2 parts red (red is the color of physical energy, passion, courage and power) - 2 parts blue (blue is the color of balance, intuition, inspiration and faith in oneself) - 1 part green (green is the color of learning, growth, prosperity and good fortune) - 2 parts orange (orange is the color of joy, enthusiasm, confidence and creativity) - 1 part purple (purple positively effects our spirituality and life force energy)."

Not sure where you can get these; their website says they'll be in stores soon. I'm getting the feeling they're already in stores, and that their website is out of date.

Read our original article about Mix 'N Magic.


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