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06 July, 2006

Mini Potato Drumstick Snack

Mini Potato Drumstick SnacksBuffalo Hot Wings is a new brand of snacks offering something dubbed, "The Original Mini Potato Drumstick Snack".

(note, the URL provided didn't work as of this writing)

Made by the Mediterranean Snack Food Company of Mountain Lakes, NJ, they're crackers based on potato and corn flour and then seasoned.

Varieties include "Spicy Classic with a Hint of Blue Cheese", "Blazin' Hot", "Sweet N' Sassy Honey BBQ", and "Tangy N' Savory Teriyaki".

The company says they have 30 percent less fat per serving than regular potato chips, and are "100 percent natural". Yup, they actually do grow on trees.

A 6oz box has a suggested retail price of $2.49 each.


Anonymous said...

HELP! How or where do I find these? Had them in PA but can't find here in NJ so far. Thanks!!!

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