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06 July, 2006

Larry the Cable Guy - Valentine Chocolates

Larry the Cable Guy - Valentine ChocolatesLast January, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Larry the Cable Guy has his own brand of assorted boxed chocolates for Valentine's Day.

Larry has a new line of valentine boxed chocolates, one of which has a cover that looks like the back of a shed, along with Larry's very romantic catchphrase "Git R Done" on duct tape.

We managed to find a photo, on the right.

They were made by a company called, "SRI", out in Heath, TX. Never heard of them.

Too bad we missed this one!

I don't know where you can buy these; they're not on Larry's website.


Anonymous said...

We just saw them at the Augusta, Me. Wal Mart 1-6-07

mary said...

my mom and i found the larry candy at wal-mart

Anonymous said...

I get these every year at Walmart (in Iowa) - - the candy is great!!! can't find anything out about the company (SRI, Heath TX) anywhere on the internet.

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