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06 July, 2006

Jonny Rapp's Baked Fries

Jonny Rapp's Baked FriesKLN Companies, better known for its line of Barrel O' Fun potato chips, recently released "Jonny Rapp's Baked Fries" as part of the same line.

The new french-fry look-alikes comes in Cheddar & Bacon and Hot 'n Spicy varieties.

A 3.5oz bag retails for $1.00 each.


Anonymous said...

Just had the Cheddar and Bacon fries. Very, very crunchy. Slightly thinner than andy caps, but a really nice cheddar taste and a decent bacon overtone (did I just write "bacon overtone" wow).

Anonymous said...

Much more sturdy than Andy Capp's too, But the ketchup flavor is too sweet

Anonymous said...

The hot and spicy are HOTTER THAN HELL!!!!

Alec Perseghin on 9/19/2008 04:56:00 AM said...


Chedar bacon is AWESOME..- ă ± ↔
-- end transmission---

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

they used 2 sell these at my school they are so good espically the cheddar and bacon by the way my school name is fair

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