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21 July, 2006

Icee Slush Bars

Icee Slush BarsThe Jel Sert Co. of West Chicago, IL recently introduced new Icee Slush Bars.

They contain the same Icee flavor and coloring that we all grew up with, but are made with a unique texture that freezes to a slushy consistency.

The 2 oz. Icee bars are available in Blue Raspberry Freeze and Cherry Freeze varieties. You can get them in an 8-count box.


SpicyFoodMan on 8/03/2006 12:18:00 PM said...

J&J Snack Foods of Pennsauken, NJ also has an ICEE frozen novelty available.

ICEE Freeze comes in a 14-count box and is available in Blue Raspberry/Cherry Cola and Cherry/Sour Apple variety packs. J&J has had these out for several years now and these tasty treats are the perfect cure for the summer heat.

Check them out at

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!. these slush bars is the bomb. I went to Marcs and i seen them on the shelf bought and tried them, i went back and bought the rest of them, i leave in cleveland ohio, i hope this is not seasonal because i can eat these all year round. please dont stop selling these. I never need to buy another brand of frezze pop as long as the slush bars are on the market, i just wish you can find them in more stores

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