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13 July, 2006

Hello Kitty Pop Tarts

Hello Kitty Pop TartsKellogg's Pop Tarts took a further step towards "brand dilution" with the release of its Hello Kitty Pop Tarts.

The new toaster-pastry comes in "Meow Berry" described simply as "Wild Berry Filling". The ingredients list shows dried strawberries, dried apples, and dried pears. The back of the box features a Hello Kitty game.

I suppose the Pop Tarts product is one of those things that has to be reinvented over-and-over just to keep itself from falling into obsolescence in a market that's heavily saturated with gimmicky children's snacks.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. I had a few of these some months back- awful, awful, awful. Disgustingly sweet.

Anonymous said...

where i work no one would buy these so they ended up at 24 cents each box.

Caryn on 7/17/2006 02:43:00 PM said...

But it's SO CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

these aren't that new, i had them in march when i went on spring break. they were not that bad...

Anonymous said...

I like Poptarts,
but i prefer eating small children for breakfast,
like gillian...
So sweeettttt.

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