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21 July, 2006

Hawaiian Punch Freezer Bars

Hawaiian Punch Freezer BarsA new item on the market are these Hawaiian Punch Freezer Bars. Package copy says they contain "extra fruit solids" to bring out the unique Hawaiian Punch taste. Not sure what that means, because the ingredients says they're artificially flavored.

Varieties include Fruit Juicy Red, Berry Blue Typhoon, Green Berry Rush, Orange Ocean. You can get them in 18-count and 100-count boxes.

These are distrubuted by Jel Sert Co., a company that owns several frozen confection brands, including the Otter Pops.


robb on 8/12/2006 12:11:00 AM said...

These are AMAZING. They are similar to the old Jell-O Gelatin Pops, which I dearly miss.

Anonymous said...

Just got some myself they are amazing

Anonymous said...

jel sert does not manufacture hawaiian freezer pops. i just went to the site. you can buy them at the dollar tree and walmart sells the bigger size in a bout a month

Anonymous said...

how long does it take to freeze them?

Anonymous said...

I love them but are impossible to find. Seasonal only, EVEN in CA. CVS gets one case for the season. I haven't found them anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Walmart sells the 10 count. I hope they start making them longer and bigger. They are so tasty.

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