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10 July, 2006

Garfield's ChocoBites

Garfield's ChocoBitesGarfield is making his appearance on a new variety of candy-coated chocolate peanuts from Argentina-based Arcor S.A.I.C.

The candy, which is dubbed, "Garfield Approved, Limited Edition", is essentially an M&M's peanut knock-off, and is being distributed to the USA by the company's USA affiliate, Arcor USA.

Since the market for candy-coated chocolate peanuts is pretty well saturated, the presence of Garfield ought to help get some eyeballs.


Candy Guy on 7/11/2006 10:35:00 AM said...

We reviewed these a little while back and Victoria found them to be unpleasant :)


Anonymous said...

I found these in the vending machine at work today and I was curious. But just my luck, the machine decided to take my money and not dispense with the candy, so I gave it *another* 85 cents and ended up with two packs. Which would have been just fine if they hadn't been really terrible :( My first thought was that they were really old and had been thrown into the machine to get rid of them. But I guess not :/

Anonymous said...

You have to take into account that the Chocobites are made using real milk (the traditional way to make milk chocolate). All the big companies in the US use powdered milk or condensed milk and thats how they have that distint taste that makes all chocolate here taste the same. So its not that they taste "terrible" one here is just not used to it...

Anonymous said...

I found them at a Mardens in Maine, and have a case of them at my college dorm. They are a huge hit, and I think they taste BETTER than peanut M&Ms. In fact, I don't even like peanuts and I enjoy these. If you see them, give them a try. they are all the rage on my floor, and I'm the only one who has any.

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