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28 July, 2006

Edible Memo Pads

Edible Memo PadsHoch Fun-Food, the German confectioner that's refining the art of edible paper, is now marketing it's latest offering, an edible memo pad, under its Monster brand.

Distributed to the USA by Chicago Importing Co., the package contains a food coloring ink pen and Hoch's edible wafer paper. Kids can now pass notes to each other in class, and eat the evidence before the teacher confiscates it.

Perhaps we're not that far from the days when kids can finally proclaim with confidence, "My dog ate my homework".

Hoch Fun-Food is the same company that makes the Edible Easter Grass we covered previously on our sister blog.


Anonymous said...

Heh Heh....Perfect for the son of 007.
or any spy-wannabe. I love it!!!

Unknown on 8/02/2007 09:22:00 AM said...

I saw someone eating these at Disneyland yesterday, the entire family were eating them. It totally freaked out my friend and I. Very odd.

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