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18 July, 2006

Crick-ettes - Sour Cream and Onion

Crick-ettes - Sour Cream and OnionThese are real, honest-to-God, crickets, roasted and seasoned with sour and cream and onion flavoring.

Made by Hotlix, the company famous for its scorpion lollipops, they're also available in Salt n' Vinegar, and Bacon & Cheddar Cheese flavors. The company claims they'll satisfy your urge for crunch.

You can buy them online from Hotlix, for $1.95 per 1.4gm box.


Justin Levine on 7/19/2006 05:56:00 PM said...


Anonymous said...

Beyond gross

Anonymous said...

They are actually really good...

Amanda & Rachel said...

Me and my friend ate them for the first time today, and thought they were really good. We were freaking out at first, but when we finally tried them we dicovered they were amazing. We want some more.

Anonymous said...

THEY ARE NASTY! we had this competition and we had to eat them or else we'd get disqualified and so i swallowed one and it was GROSS! and then it got stuck in my throat so i had to drink lots of water but watever.

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