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13 July, 2006

Chocolate Soap

Chocolate SoapI imagine "chocolate soap" has probably been done before, though this is the first time I've seen such a product.

Unilever Andina S.A., the Colombian branch of the consumables giant, has launched "The Seduccion de Chocolate" under its Lux brand.

The marketing literature says its actually made with strawberry juice and cocoa extract.

I imagine there are people out there who love chocolate so much, they need to rub their bodies with it.

Note: Don't forget the Chocolate Toothpaste we mentioned on our sister blog, also brought to us by Unilever.


Anonymous said... lists 17 Chocolate Soap and Spa products for sale online - they have a CHOCOLATE category. Check it out - and they use REAL Hershey's Chocolate. Products come in Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate varities. How cute!

picture of Milk Chocolate Eddie Bear soap:


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