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18 July, 2006

Charms Blow Pop Minis

Charms Blow Pop MinisTootsie Roll is now offering these Blow Pop Minis under their Charms brand.

Described as a "Blow Pop with no stick", it's the same bubblegum-filled lolly, but takes a step closer to being environmentally-friendly since it appears to save a few more trees.

A 2 oz. bag contains Blue Razz, Cherry, Sour Apple and Watermelon flavors and retails for 65 cents.


Anonymous said...

I love them and they are so delicious.

Anonymous said...

you should let people know how to dissolve the lollipop so that they can enjoy the gum part!!! I'm refering to the people with braces cause the candy is too hard and we only want the gum part...


Anonymous said...

i really love these things i wish you could show me how to make them i really want to know!!!!!
i want to have a cagillion of them i really want them so bad...
i want them to be ten cents this is an onor to ask you this so much thank u ur best blow pop friend.

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