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06 July, 2006

Bubble Toons Bubble Gum

Bubble Toons Bubble GumBubble Toons Bubble Gum is a new product from Niles, IL-based Imaginings 3, Inc., the makers of the Flix Candy line.

Each piece of Bubble Tons Bubble Gum has a cartoon picture printed on it. Actually, the picture is printed on a piece of rice paper which dissolves in your mouth. I suppose it's a progression from Botan Rice Candy, which has the same rice paper, but with a separate tattoo.

The company also says this gum will turn your teeth and tongue a certain color, temporarily, depending on the flavor.

Varieties include, Scooby Doo (apple & watermelon), Trollz (strawberry), Care Bears (blue raspberry), and Hot Wheels (blue raspberry).


Anonymous said...

I saw those at a local drugstore a few weeks ago. Didn't interest me :)


Anonymous said...

theyve had these for a while. i was so intrigued by them that i bought about 4 of each. when i brought one pack to school, i was only able to eat one piece before i was attacked by people wanting the gum! the gum is really great but there is one downside: it makes your mouth either completely red or completely blue. i mean, unless you like colored mouths

Anonymous said...

Chewing sugar-free gum will cost you only 5 to 10 calories per stick, and chewing on a stick of gum for one hour burns about 10 calories! Some research suggests, however, that too much chewing can be detrimental to your teeth or jaw muscles or both — so check with your dentist. And chewing sugar-free gum can also help reduce plaque and cavities.

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