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19 July, 2006

Bubble Gum Bandages

Bubble Gum BandagesToronto, Ontario-based Morris National Inc. is now distributing this "Bubble Doctorx Sour Bubble Gum Strips" in the USA under their Just for Fun brand.

The individually-wrapped Blue Raspberry & Apple Flavor gum strips resemble adhesive bandages and are presented in a hinged, metal tin.


Anonymous said...


This product is just wrong. I keep imagining some loser who chews real bandaids, suddenly having an epiphany, getting rich from Bubble Gum Bandaids and moving out of his trailer park.

I mean, what's next... Taffy Tampons??

Anonymous said...

Thats funny:) Here is another one just like it. http://www.nationwidecandy.com/snacks/items/5850.htm I guess everyone is making edible bandages now.

Anonymous said...

This same place another cool item Candy Canes. I just ordered them for Christmas. I looked everywhere and they were the cheapest i found. Thanks for the link it took me there first. http://www.nationwidecandy.com/snacks/items/S19370.htm
Got a say i like it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

These are pretty good. I suprisingley liked it, I guess i was attracted to the weird container. =)

Anonymous said...

UM, EW? Those were gross.

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