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01 July, 2006

Blog Template Changes

I did some major revisions of the blog template on JFB.

Previously, the entire template was in an HTML table. I've now removed the table, and used CSS to layout the columns.

I had to do this because it was loading very slowly in Internet Explorer. When you visited the blog, you'd get the wallpaper right away, and then about 20 seconds later the page would finally display. This happened because the way IE renders tables. It has to load everything in first, before it can display a table. It so happened that the ads and eBay listings often took several seconds to load in.

The reason why I used an HTML table in the first place is to ensure greater consistency from one browser to another. You can't go wrong using simple HTML. But with CSS, each browser renders things slightly differently. You'll notice that in this new template some things are missing, like the wallpaper, the Google Link Units on the Item Pages, and the JFB header image is no longer hyperlinked back to the home page. This is because of CSS inconsistencies between IE and Firefox. Actually, IE seemed to render most things well, with Firefox screwing up a lot of stuff. In order to fix the Firefox issues, it would have screwed up IE.

I can get the missing items back in, it'll just take more time. I'm not a proficient programmer.

But hopefully now, you can get your junk food fix more quickly.


bloomeanie on 7/02/2006 06:02:00 PM said...

just wanted to let you know that I think you have a GREAT BLOG! I am a big fan, and I often quote from your pages. Keep up the great work.

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