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18 July, 2006

Belgique Truffle Gateau Egyptian Gold Brownie

Belgique Truffle Gateau Egyptian Gold is now offering this unique brownie that comes with a 23-carat edible gold leaf.

The "Belgique Truffle Gateau Egyptian Gold Brownie" is available in a 16 oz. tin and in a 2 piece Gift Box. Made with dark chocolate, the e-tailer claims it's made with all natural ingredients (isn't everything?)

So what makes this brownie an "Egyptian brownie"? They said they were inspired to create this after the recent King Tut museum exhibit tour. That's what sets it apart.

The suggested retail prices are $56.00 and $17.00, respectively.


Anonymous said...

You can also buy these decadent dark chocolates along with all the other varieties of Truffle Gateau at the Belgique website at

Anonymous said...

I've had these many times. They taste undercooked. They're not very good.

Anonymous said...

Chocolatier Magazine said these Truffle Gateaux are a decadent dessert, and you won't be disappointed! I've ordered these several times and they are so decadent and delicious, there's nothing else like them. The dark Belgian chocolate is so moist and creamy, they're to die for!! These make a great impressive dessert for any party, the edible gold is gorgeous. A little bling with your chocolate makes a great gift!! Ignore the last negative comment, the person who posted that comment knows nothing about fine chocolate, must be a hick from the sticks.

Anonymous said...

For an "anonymos" user the person before sure does know a lot about these chocolates...Bling? Come on.

Anonymous said...

GAHross!!!! Yuck, horrible. Threw this "gift" away.

Anonymous said...

Way too overpriced for such crap.

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