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11 July, 2006

Anthon Berg Chocolate Covered Marzipan & Fruit

Anthon Berg Chocolate Covered MarzipanFrom Toms International comes chocolate-covered marzipan and fruit under their Anthon Berg brand.

The Grape in Muscat Wine is described as "delicate marzipan discs with fruit marmalade, liqueur and the finest marzipan". Each individually-wrapped disc contains a fruit jam center and covered with a thick coating of dark chocolate.

It's sold in a 10-count box priced at $5.99.

Other varieties include, "Plums in Madeira", "Strawberry in Champagne", "Apricot in Brandy" and "Cherry in Rum".


Anonymous said...

I tried the Apricot and Strawberry ones at All Candy Expo and give them a thumbs up ... if you like fruit and marzipan.

The alcohol taste wasn't as strong as I would have liked.

Anonymous said...

If you like marzipan,chocolate and fruit, these are to die for! My favorite chocolate candy in the world! The plum is my favorite. As far as the alcohol taste, if you want a strong taste, I would then recommend cracking open a flask instead of peeling open a candy rapper!

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