28 July, 2006

Edible Memo Pads

Edible Memo PadsHoch Fun-Food, the German confectioner that's refining the art of edible paper, is now marketing it's latest offering, an edible memo pad, under its Monster brand.

Distributed to the USA by Chicago Importing Co., the package contains a food coloring ink pen and Hoch's edible wafer paper. Kids can now pass notes to each other in class, and eat the evidence before the teacher confiscates it.

Perhaps we're not that far from the days when kids can finally proclaim with confidence, "My dog ate my homework".

Hoch Fun-Food is the same company that makes the Edible Easter Grass we covered previously on our sister blog.
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25 July, 2006

Love and Quiches Peanut Butter Brownie

Love and Quiches Desserts, based in Freeport, NY, has a new Peanut Butter Brownie made with real Reese's Peanut Butter Chips.

Each 3oz brownie is described as being moist, fudgy, and loaded with the great taste of Reese's peanut butter.
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Mrs. Freshley's Snack Away Cakes

Mrs. Freshley's Snack Away CakesIf a Twinkie happens to be your poison of choice, you might try comparing them to Mrs. Freshley's new Snack Away Cakes.

It's billed as a healthier alternative to the real mccoy, offering 140 calories per cake, as opposed to 150 calories. Not much of a change.

But it does claim to include no added sugar.

What's interesting is that the name, "Snack Away" seems to suggest that you can scarf down several of these with the comfort of knowing that you're eating something better. Better? You may as well eat a real Twinkie.
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Frankford's Make Your Own Gummy Candy

Frankford's Make Your Own Gummy CandyPhiladelphia, PA-based Frankford Candy and Chocolate Co. is now offering a line of "Make Your Own Gummy" candies.

You don't actually make the gummy candies, but rather, they give you gummy candy pieces that you combine together to make things. For example, this Ice Cream variety gives you gummy ice cream scoops, gummy ice cream cones, and gummy ice cream toppings. You put it all together for extreme gummy madness.

They also offer "Pizza" and "Cookies" in the same line.

I'm still waiting for someone to come out with Gummy Gumby.
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22 July, 2006

Boy Girl Beef Sticks

Boy Girl Beef SticksGone are the days when fathers handed out cigars in celebration of their new born baby. These days, they hand out sticks of mechanically separated beef.

Actually, I don't really know if these Boy Girl Beef Sticks are from "mechanically separated beef", but considering they're labeled as "beef sticks", I'm guessing they are. Besides, I wouldn't have it any other way!

But since it's no longer politically correct to hand out cancer sticks, handing out sticks of rendered left-overs is perhaps the next best thing to celebrating the miracle of life in a manly way.

You can order a 24-count jar for just $19.95.

Thanks CandyAddict.
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21 July, 2006

Icee Slush Bars

Icee Slush BarsThe Jel Sert Co. of West Chicago, IL recently introduced new Icee Slush Bars.

They contain the same Icee flavor and coloring that we all grew up with, but are made with a unique texture that freezes to a slushy consistency.

The 2 oz. Icee bars are available in Blue Raspberry Freeze and Cherry Freeze varieties. You can get them in an 8-count box.
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Hawaiian Punch Freezer Bars

Hawaiian Punch Freezer BarsA new item on the market are these Hawaiian Punch Freezer Bars. Package copy says they contain "extra fruit solids" to bring out the unique Hawaiian Punch taste. Not sure what that means, because the ingredients says they're artificially flavored.

Varieties include Fruit Juicy Red, Berry Blue Typhoon, Green Berry Rush, Orange Ocean. You can get them in 18-count and 100-count boxes.

These are distrubuted by Jel Sert Co., a company that owns several frozen confection brands, including the Otter Pops.
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Jimmy Dean Chocolate Chip Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick

Jimmy Dean Chocolate Chip Pancakes & Sausage on a StickThe Jimmy Dean brand of breakfast food won my nod of approval when I found this lovely new entry.

Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick Chocolate Chip pretty much takes what my wife often eats at IHOP and puts it all on a hand-held form factor, allowing junk-foodies like us to revel in frozen food fanatacism.

Better yet, these are microwaveable, so just nukem and pukem.

Via Cabel Sasser

More Jimmy Dean products we talked about...
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20 July, 2006

Jolly Rancher Double Blasts

Jolly Rancher Double BlastsHershey recently began distributing its new Jolly Rancher Double Blasts candy.

The Double Blast is the same Jolly Rancher hard candy but hollowed out with powder candy inside. The outer hard candy has a different flavor than the inner powder candy.

It comes in two varieties, "Chorange" (cherry and orange), and "Raspilime" (blue raspberry and lime).

More Jolly Rancher stuff we talked about before...
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Kellogg's Fruit Flavored Snacks - NASCAR

http://www.junkfoodblog.com/2006/01/xlr8-energy-chews.htmlJumping on the NASCAR co-branded bandwagon is Kellogg's and its line of Fruit Flavored Snacks.

Their new NASCAR version features fruit flavored gummy candy in shapes of race cars, flags, wheels, and helmets. Flavors include Strawberry, Grape, Orange, and Cherry.

Each box includes a "cut out car kit" printed on the inside.

It retails for $1.98 and includes 10 pouches per box.

The Fruit Snack Spectator has a review of these.

For more NASCAR-branded yummies, check out...
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Pringles Prints - Rand McNally

Pringles Prints - Rand McNallyProctor & Gamble added a new variety to its line of Pringles Prints potato crisps, the Rand McNally edition.

This one contains trivia questions relating to traveling on the road. Now your wife and kids and torture with mindless facts during the next road trip.

The Pringles Prints line is the same Pringles potato crisps but with trivia questions printed on the chips in edible ink.

More Pringles on JFB:
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19 July, 2006

Bubble Gum Bandages

Bubble Gum BandagesToronto, Ontario-based Morris National Inc. is now distributing this "Bubble Doctorx Sour Bubble Gum Strips" in the USA under their Just for Fun brand.

The individually-wrapped Blue Raspberry & Apple Flavor gum strips resemble adhesive bandages and are presented in a hinged, metal tin.
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Candy Handcuffs

Candy HandcuffsFrom the Spencer & Fleetwood line of candy novelties comes new Candy Cuffs. Try to eat your way out of this one.

It's actually made by the same company that brought us the Candy G-String.
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18 July, 2006

Crick-ettes - Sour Cream and Onion

Crick-ettes - Sour Cream and OnionThese are real, honest-to-God, crickets, roasted and seasoned with sour and cream and onion flavoring.

Made by Hotlix, the company famous for its scorpion lollipops, they're also available in Salt n' Vinegar, and Bacon & Cheddar Cheese flavors. The company claims they'll satisfy your urge for crunch.

You can buy them online from Hotlix, for $1.95 per 1.4gm box.
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Charms Blow Pop Minis

Charms Blow Pop MinisTootsie Roll is now offering these Blow Pop Minis under their Charms brand.

Described as a "Blow Pop with no stick", it's the same bubblegum-filled lolly, but takes a step closer to being environmentally-friendly since it appears to save a few more trees.

A 2 oz. bag contains Blue Razz, Cherry, Sour Apple and Watermelon flavors and retails for 65 cents.
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Happy Face Lollipop

Happy Face LollipopThe latest from Squire Boone Village is this simple little Happy Face Lollipop.

No gimmicks, no toys, no tongue discoloration.

Just a happy face, in tutti-fruity flavor.

Soon to be released.
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Belgique Truffle Gateau Egyptian Gold Brownie

Belgique Truffle Gateau Egyptian Gold BrownieIndulgeInChocolate.com is now offering this unique brownie that comes with a 23-carat edible gold leaf.

The "Belgique Truffle Gateau Egyptian Gold Brownie" is available in a 16 oz. tin and in a 2 piece Gift Box. Made with dark chocolate, the e-tailer claims it's made with all natural ingredients (isn't everything?)

So what makes this brownie an "Egyptian brownie"? They said they were inspired to create this after the recent King Tut museum exhibit tour. That's what sets it apart.

The suggested retail prices are $56.00 and $17.00, respectively.
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Muhammad Ali Launches Snack Food Company

GOAT Food CompanyThe heavyweight champion boxer who claimed to "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee" launched his own snack food and beverage company called, "GOAT Food & Beverage Company".

GOAT (which stands for Greatest Of All Time), was meant to provide kids with healthy options over the standard fare of potato chips, candies, and sodas.

The new company, a partnership with Muhammad Ali and brand inventor Peter Arnell, is partnering with Mars Incorporated and its innovative Health and Nutrition group to produce reduced calorie foods and beverages said to feature fruit laden rolls and finger foods baked in vaguely signature shapes like boxing gloves and punching bags, and to be offered in flavors like barbecued chicken, buffalo wings, sweet corn, and cole slaw.

Due to be released in early 2007 is the company's first line of snacks, the "Shuffle Snack", a mix of shapes, colors and textures, containing only 35 fat calories compared to 111 for a comparable portion of potato chips. It'll be targeted toward young adults, 16 to 24 year olds. The snack is intended to be eaten throughout the day, in seven "rounds", with "round" five being late in the day when people may need a vitamin-rich pick-me-up.
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Pirates of the Caribbean Chocolate Cannonballs

Pirates of the Caribbean Chocolate CannonballsNew from Ferrara Pan Candy Company comes these Chocolate Cannonballs, co-branded with Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean.

They're described as chocolate-coated candy balls with "cookie centers".

A 3oz box retails for $1.99. CandyWarehouse has them on their website, but currently shows "sold out".
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14 July, 2006

Ben & Jerry's American Pie

Ben & Jerry's American PieBen & Jerry's has a new flavor out called, "American Pie", which also happens to be a politically motivated flavor as well.

American Pie is an apple flavored ice cream loaded with pieces of apples and pie crust. But what sets it apart from the rest is that the lid on the carton displays a pie-chart illustrating a message that Ben & Jerry's wants to point out to every American.

The message is part of their newly launched "Federal Budget Priorities Campaign". It's a media campaign where the executives at Ben & Jerry's want the federal government to cut military defense spending and spend more more on entitlement programs.

The popular brand, which has long been associated with left-wing causes, reestablishes its activist history, with references to the War on Terror...
The goal is to heighten awareness of the billions of dollars the Pentagon spends on nuclear weapons vs. a shortfall of spending on basic unmet needs of children. The campaign points out that we have options that won't diminish our nation's ability to fight global terrorism or a foreign foe.
In addition, the company is setting up a postcard writing campaign at all Ben & Jerry's store locations where customers can send a note to Congress urging lawmakers to listen to Ben & Jerry's.

Ben & Jerry's return to social awareness comes on the heels of a publicity blunder, when it pissed off thousands of Irish Americans for launching its "Black & Tan Ice Cream" on St. Patrick's Day, the day when Irish celebrate their heritage. While the flavor was meant to celebrate the famous beer beverage, it instead reminded Irish folks of the atrocities they suffered at the hands of the English. The company later issued an apology after the matter was publicized by Reuters.
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This Sunday is National Ice Cream Day

girl eating ice creamDon't forget that this Sunday (July 16) is National Ice Cream Day.

It was actually in 1984, that President Ronald Reagan designated the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day, and called for people to observe the day with "appropriate ceremonies and activities."

So, it's not some lop-sided shindig that one company came up with.

That means it's our patriotic duty to pay homage to that great American institution: little boys and girls slurping ice cream cones on a hot July weekend.

I'm making it a point to do so, are you?

Source: International Dairy Foods Association
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Chocolate That Doesn't Melt

Live Science reports that food scientists at the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria have developed a type of chocolate that resists melting in temperatures up to 122°F.

But better yet, they claim that results from taste tests show that they're new product is actually favorable when compared to real milk chocolate.

S.O. Ogunwolu and C.O. Jayeola, food scientists at the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, have mixed cornstarch with cocoa to produce a heat-resistant chocolate that they say compares "favorably with conventional milk chocolate in terms of color, taste, smoothness and overall acceptability."

The starch acts as a chocolate thickener and prevents the outflow of cocoa butter-the natural fat of the cocoa bean-when the heat is on. The researchers found that using 10 percent starch was ideal and produced a product that was comparable to milk chocolate in taste tests.

The report goes on to say that heat resistant chocolate has been developed before, including one that Hershey made that could hold up to 140° temperatures. But the problem was that it wouldn't melt in your mouth.

However, the Nigerian team isn't so much concerned about competiting against the joys of real milk chocolate. They only want to introduce chocolate to African consumers, which apparently doesn't have the luxury of air conditioning, and hence, doesn't eat chocolate.
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13 July, 2006

Chocolate Soap

Chocolate SoapI imagine "chocolate soap" has probably been done before, though this is the first time I've seen such a product.

Unilever Andina S.A., the Colombian branch of the consumables giant, has launched "The Seduccion de Chocolate" under its Lux brand.

The marketing literature says its actually made with strawberry juice and cocoa extract.

I imagine there are people out there who love chocolate so much, they need to rub their bodies with it.

Note: Don't forget the Chocolate Toothpaste we mentioned on our sister blog, also brought to us by Unilever.
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Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate - Limited Edition Summer Varieties

Milka Alpine Milk ChocolateKraft Foods Deutschland GmbH released three new limited edition summer varieties of its Alpine Milk Chocolate under their Milka brand.

Varieties include, "Erdbeere & Zitronengras" (Strawberry & Lemongrass), "Maracuja & Hibiskus" (Passionfruit & Hibiscus), and "Limette & Gruener Tee" (Lime & Green Tea).

The first two varieties come in dark chocolate, while the latter comes in white chocolate.

You can probably find the 100g bars at import stores.
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New York Style Panetini

New York Style PanetiniThe "New York Style" brand of snack foods includes "Panetinis", described as oven baked Italian toast.

The company that makes it, Nonni's Food Company, says they make them with premium ingredients, including Semolina, and the finest bread flour. They're also twice-baked and seasoned into four varieties.

The varieties include, "Sun-Dried Tomato Basil", "Roasted Garlic", "Garlic Parmesan", and "Perfectly Plain".

A 4.25oz bag retails for $2.19.

Visit the company's store locator.
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Poppycock Belgian Dark Chocolate Covered Nuts

Poppycock Belgian Dark Chocolate Covered NutsLincoln Snacks Co. is now offering their popular mixed glazed nuts covered in Belgian dark chocolate.

You get a mixture of almonds, cashews, and pecans, glazed with their brown sugar, cream, and butter covering, then covered again in dark chocolate.

You can buy it online here.
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Hello Kitty Pop Tarts

Hello Kitty Pop TartsKellogg's Pop Tarts took a further step towards "brand dilution" with the release of its Hello Kitty Pop Tarts.

The new toaster-pastry comes in "Meow Berry" described simply as "Wild Berry Filling". The ingredients list shows dried strawberries, dried apples, and dried pears. The back of the box features a Hello Kitty game.

I suppose the Pop Tarts product is one of those things that has to be reinvented over-and-over just to keep itself from falling into obsolescence in a market that's heavily saturated with gimmicky children's snacks.
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You Say "Yogourt" I Say "Yogurt"

Breyers Frozen YogourtI came across this new product from the Breyers brand of frozen yogurt, and noticed the odd spelling, "Yogourt". Then I noticed that this product is marketed in Canada.

I was aware that yogurt is often spelled "yoghurt", with the additional "h". But I wasn't aware that that folks in Canada, and I presume in Britain and other commonwealths, spell it with the additional "o".

I guess it's just like how they spell other words incorrectly, like "colour" and "analyse".  
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12 July, 2006

New York Style Bagel Crisps - New Varieties

New York Style Bagel CrispsNonni's Food Company today announced the addition of two new varieties to its New York Style Bagel Crisps, "Whole Wheat Bagel Crisps", and "Multigrain Bagel Crisps".

The new varieties are yet another case of snack foods jumping on the "whole grain" bandwagon. The company has altered the product graphics for these two items to more effectively call out that they're baked.

Both products are available now on store shelves.

Our previous articles about the New York Style brand...

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Wendy's Makes Chicken Even Hotter

Wendy'sWendy's International Inc. announced today that it plans to offer customers who order a Spicy Chicken Sandwich the opportunity to spice it up with a slice of pepper jack cheese.

The offer is running now for a limited time at most all Wendy's locations.

The promotion is a precursor to the company's newest sandwich, "4-Alarm Spicy Chicken Sandwich" which they're planning to test-market in a few areas later this month.

The 4-Alarm Spicy Chicken Sandwich is built on the same chassis as the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, but includes the pepper jack cheese, along with sliced jalapenos, and chipotle sauce.

Wendy's is going full steam ahead with its new line of hot foul offerings after their Spicy Chicken Sandwich became one of the chain's most popular items. McDonald's tried to capture some of the success with its Spicy McChicken, but failed and eventually pulled the item off their menu. Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich has become so popular that people have posted recipes online trying to duplicate the same taste.

The trend towards spicy sandwiches is getting hotter all the time, as evidenced by such new entries like Carl's Jr. new Jalapeno Burger, White Castle's Chipotle Chicken Sandwich, and Red Robin's Chili Chili Cheeseburger.
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11 July, 2006

Beechies Retro Box

Beechies Retro BoxSouth Miami, FL-based Richardson Brands Company is now distributing its famous "Beech Nut Beechies" chewing gum in a "Retro Box".

The box, which depicts one of the chewing gum's vintage advertisement posters, contains 25 pieces.
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Anthon Berg Chocolate Covered Marzipan & Fruit

Anthon Berg Chocolate Covered MarzipanFrom Toms International comes chocolate-covered marzipan and fruit under their Anthon Berg brand.

The Grape in Muscat Wine is described as "delicate marzipan discs with fruit marmalade, liqueur and the finest marzipan". Each individually-wrapped disc contains a fruit jam center and covered with a thick coating of dark chocolate.

It's sold in a 10-count box priced at $5.99.

Other varieties include, "Plums in Madeira", "Strawberry in Champagne", "Apricot in Brandy" and "Cherry in Rum".
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Josef Manner Vienna Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa

Josef Manner Vienna Dark Chocolate 70% CocoaMade in Austria by Josef Manner & Co. AG, the "Josef Manner Vienna Dark Chocolate Bar" is now being distributed the USA.

The label on the 70% cocoa bar reads...

"With a cocoa content of 70 percent this Manner specialty confection boasts a classic bittersweet taste, well rounded with a touch of genuine Bourbon Vanilla flavor. It's smooth, silky texture is achieved through careful blending of the finest liquid chocolate."

The company claims that its made from a recipe dating back to 1895.

Sold in a 5.29 oz. bar, it's priced at $2.59 each.
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10 July, 2006

Sniffels the Leaky Nose

http://kandykastle.com/html/product128.htmWhy couldn't they've had stuff like this when I was a kid?

"Hose Nose" is a new offering from San Diego, CA-based Kandy Kastle. The nose is filled with "Candy Slime". It appears to have elastic straps on the back, as if you're supposed to wear it over your real nose.

The package is marked, "Catch It On Your Tongue", presumbly allowing you to wear a novelty nose that leaks sugary mucus on your mouth. A different kind of nose candy!

Now and then I see a two-year old kid with real mucus running out of their nose and over their lips. Kandy Kastle would like us to never grow up.
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Junior Mints - Holiday Mix

Junior Mints - Holiday MixTootsie Roll is planning to introduce limited edition varieties of its Junior Mints for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter.

Pictured here is the Christmas variety, with Junior Mints in the traditional Christmas colors, and with colored mint centers to match.
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Tropical Assortment of Tootsie Pops

Tropical Assortment of Tootsie PopsChicago, IL-based Tootsie Roll Industries is coming out with a limited edition collection of tropical fruit flavored Tootsie Pops.

The new assortment contains two each of Pineapple, Lemon Lime, Watermelon, Purple Punch and Tangerine flavored lollipops.

In addition, the company is planning to roll out a "Spooky Shapes" assortment of chewy Tootsie Roll candy, in time for Halloween.
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Garfield's ChocoBites

Garfield's ChocoBitesGarfield is making his appearance on a new variety of candy-coated chocolate peanuts from Argentina-based Arcor S.A.I.C.

The candy, which is dubbed, "Garfield Approved, Limited Edition", is essentially an M&M's peanut knock-off, and is being distributed to the USA by the company's USA affiliate, Arcor USA.

Since the market for candy-coated chocolate peanuts is pretty well saturated, the presence of Garfield ought to help get some eyeballs.
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Hilco Scream Machine Voice Changer

Hilco Scream Machine Voice ChangerFrom King of Prussia, PA-based Hilco Corporation comes the new Hilco Scream Machine Voice Changer, filled with Mega Bubble Gum Balls.

Kids: press the trigger on this nifty toy and speak into the mouthpiece, while running around the house. You'll mother will absolutely love it!

I'm sure divorced dads will be buying lots of these for Christmas.
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Free Slurpees at 7-Eleven

If you have a 7-Eleven store nearby, make sure to stop by tomorrow and get yourself a free slurpee.

The convenience store turns 79 years old tomorrow (on 7-11), making it the world's oldest convenience store chain. To celebrate, they're offering free slurpees, in special "happy birthday", 7.11 ounce cups, for as long as the cups last.

In addition, it's also the 25th anniversary of the company's "Big Gulp" fountain drinks. They were originally 32 ounce cups when they first launched in 1981. To commemorate, all 7-Eleven stores are offering special 40 ounce cups for the price of a 32 ounce cup, giving you 25% free beverage. The offer lasts all summer long.

7-Eleven was the first convenience store to advertise on television, operate 24 hours a day, sell gasoline, offer fresh-brewed coffee to-go, self-serve fountain drinks and giant drink cups, and sell pre-paid phone cards.
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07 July, 2006

Fr-ooze Pops

Fr-ooze PopsNew from Au'Some Candies of Monmouth Junction, NJ are these "Fr-ooze Pops".

It's a lollipop combined with a sour puckery liquid. The handle contains the liquid, while the top is the lolly.

According to the company, once you dissolve the lollipop it reveals a pop-top that you pull up. Then you squeeze the bottom and the liquid oozes out.

Varieties include:

  • Caramel Sour Apple - Sour Apple Lollipop Oozing with a Creamy Caramel Candy Gel

  • Hot Chocolate Strawberry - Sour Strawberry Lollipop Oozing with a Hot Chocolate Candy Gel
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Brach's Jelly Bean Nougats

Brach's Jelly Bean NougatsBrach's is introducing a new confection called, "Jelly Bean Nougats".

Apparently it's very similar to their "Jelly Nougats", using the same soft creamy nougat, but with fruity-flavored jelly beans thrown into the mix. They're sliced up into these pieces and individually wrapped.
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Elizabeth Shaw Tequila Shots

Elizabeth Shaw Tequila ShotsElizabeth Shaw Tequila Shots are chocolate balls with tequila liqueur centers.

They're made with England's famous Elizabeth Shaw chocolates, and with real Mexican tequila inside. Each canister contains a medley of four varieties, "Neat Tequila", "Tequila & Lime", "Tequila & Orange" and "Tequila & Lemon".

The Tequila Shots are actually an extension of Elizabeth Shaw's popular "Russian Vodka Shots". There's also Schnapps Shots.

The entire Shots line has actually been around in the UK since 2004, and is now being distributed into the USA by Liberty Richter, Inc. No word yet on where you can buy these, but if you have to have them, try contacting Liberty Richter.
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Mix 'N Magic - Super Sports Power Potion

Mix 'N Magic - Super Sports Power PotionThe Mix N' Magic line of candy-filled bracelets is now available in a new variety, "Super Sports Power Potion".

Of course, the new variety is not really any different than the other varieties; it's all the same candy, just different names.

But what's new with this one is that the candy now includes energy boosting properties, instead of just plain old "good luck" as with the other varieties. I imagine this claim is a little more realistic.

Check out what the package says...

"Our Magical Potions give you that extra burst of energy before the big game or test, or that bit of luck that you may need in a special relationship. For best results, wear your bracelet for several days and let the colors mix as you wear them. Just before you need that boost, disconnect one end of the bracelet and eat the magical contents."

The package also goes on to explain the different colors that make up their new Super Sports Power Potion...

"Secret Magic Super Sports Potion - 2 parts red (red is the color of physical energy, passion, courage and power) - 2 parts blue (blue is the color of balance, intuition, inspiration and faith in oneself) - 1 part green (green is the color of learning, growth, prosperity and good fortune) - 2 parts orange (orange is the color of joy, enthusiasm, confidence and creativity) - 1 part purple (purple positively effects our spirituality and life force energy)."

Not sure where you can get these; their website says they'll be in stores soon. I'm getting the feeling they're already in stores, and that their website is out of date.

Read our original article about Mix 'N Magic.
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Cedar's Baked Pita Chips

Cedar's Baked Pita ChipsCedar's Mediterranean Foods, Inc. of Ward Hill, MA is now offering these new baked pita chips.

Available in Cinnamon Sugar, Garlic, Ranch, Plain, and Sesame varieties, they're yet another entrant in the fast growing pita chip market.
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Sabra To Go Hummus with Pretzel Crisps

Sabra To Go Hummus with Pretzel CrispsSabra Foods of Astoria, NY is launching its line of "To Go" Hummus with new Pretzel Crisps.

Previously, the "To Go" line included crackers. The curved shaped of the Pretzel Crisps ought to help consumers scrape the Hummus off the sides of the container.

The vegetarian "To Go" series is designed for Hummus fans who don't have much time on their hands. Varieties include Classic, Roasted Red Pepper, Supremely Spicy, Greek Olive, Roasted Garlic, Southwestern and Chunky, Tuna Salad, and Sauteed Eggplant.

The Pretzel Crisps combo should be available in stores by October 1, 2006.
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ChocoStix - Chips Ahoy Variety

ChocoStix - Chips Ahoy VarietyKraft Foods now has their ChocoStix in a Chips Ahoy variety.

ChocoStix are similar to Twix, except the crispy wafer inside is patterned after favorite Nabisco cookies, such as the Oreo and Nutter Butter.

They're also available in a new 10-count package.

See our previous article announcing the release of ChocoStix.
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Dental V6 Chewing Gum

Dental V6 Chewing Gum"Dental V6" is a brand of dental chewing gum made by Cadbury Schweppes and sold to consumers in Greece.

What caught my attention is how the "V6" looks strangely similar to the "V8" juice drink made by Campbell Soup Company.
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Puckster Squeezed Cotton Candy

Puckster Squeezed Cotton CandyPuckster Squeezed Cotton Candy is a new sweet from Fun Sweets, LLC of West Palm Beach, FL.

Dubbed, "This is not your grandma's cotton candy!", they take good old fashioned cotton candy, squeeze it down into a small size, and make it extra sour.

Varieties include, Sour Apple, Sour Grape, Sour Blue Raspberry, and Sour Watermelon.

The company claims it has a smooth "melt in your mouth" texture and a shelf-life of 12 months.
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Pop Rocks Candy Cane

Pop Rocks Candy CaneApparently the folks at Pop Rocks are said to be releasing a new Candy Cane variety of their famous exploding confection this Christmas, in honor of their 50th Anniversary.

The limited edition flavor will probably find its way into Christmas stockings, hung by the chimney with care.

Wow! 50th Anniversary?
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