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23 June, 2006

Wom Animal Licks Lollipops

Wom Animal Licks LollipopsThey're touted as "the pop that licks you back!"

These are toy animal heads with candy tongues. You suck on their tongues to enjoy sugary fun. The lolly is actually concealed within the animal's mouth. There's a push tab on the back of its head that opens the mouth and sticks the tongue out for sucking.

The strawberry flavored candy comes in Leopard, Hippo, Zebra and Giraffe varieties. They're distributed by Sherwood Brands. Visit their retail locator page.

I wonder if there's any correlation to the "cat's tongue"?


Anonymous said...

And wom said, "Let there be God," and there was God.
wom saw the God that he had made, and it was very good.

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