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02 June, 2006

Solea Olive Oil Potato Chips - Cracked Pepper & Salt

Solea Olive Oil Potato ChipsJunk Food ReviewI saw this bag of Solea Olive Oil Potato Chips at Cost Plus World Market the other day and bought them.

BTW, this is perhaps my first foray into the world of junk food review. Actually, it's my second, the World Kitchens Beef Jerky was my first. But, this is my first review of many as a regular feature of Junk Food Blog. I rigged up a crude photo studio, kinda like Cybele's, but not as good. But that's ok, here at JFB we're more concerned about instant gratification than anything else.

The Solea Olive Oil line of potato chips are made in the USA, and distributed by Good Health Natural Foods Inc., which makes a variety of healthy snack alternatives. These chips are touted as having 40% less fat than regular chips, and have 0 grams of trans fat. They claim the olive oil used in the cooking provides these chips with Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils.

These are made from russet potatoes from the Columbia River Basin in the State of Washington. They cook them at a low temperature to preserve the quality of olive oil and bring out the natural flavors.


I'm reviewing the Cracked Pepper & Salt variety. To sum it up, they're great!

You can definitely taste the pepper, that's probably the first taste you notice when it hits your tongue. There is a salty taste as well, but not overly saltly. It's more of slight salty taste.

Potato-wise, there is a slight "potatoey" taste, but then again, potatoes don't have much taste anyways.

The aftertaste on these things is peppery, but not burning.


These chips are extra crunchy, and thicker than regular potato chips. I actually opened this bag yesterday, and left it open overnight to see how stale they'd get. Right now, they're only slightly stale, still very crunchy, and still very enjoyable.

Most brands of potato chips will leave thick gobs of potato stuck in your molars. These are not as bad. I'm still getting some stuck chunks, but I'm not having to use my fingernails.


I can easily woof down a bag of these chips. They are not overly peppery, and not overly salty, so that after a bag, your mouth doesn't feel like it's been abused.

They have a very high instant gratification factor. The first chip entering your mouth yields great potato chip flavor, with a clear pepper taste, and a thick rigid consistency. It'll easily take your attention away from that boyfriend who just dumped you, and keep you craving for more.


Where purchased: Cost Plus World Market
Price: $2.79
Size: 5oz bag (lunch size)


Goobian on 6/02/2006 07:25:00 PM said...

I'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend, you deserve better anyway :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They are great, they are available online as well from

Try the rosemary chips they are my favorite

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