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06 June, 2006

Ritz Crackers - Roasted Vegetable

Ritz Crackers - Roasted VegetableRitz Crackers is now available in a new flavor, "Roasted Vegetable".

They're claimed to be made with real vegetables, "roasted in for a delicious twist on a classic taste".

A 15.5 oz. box, containing 4 stay fresh packs, has a suggested retail price of $3.39.


Anonymous said...

"I melt with you" the 80's hit by Modern English is the background music for the TV ad and Website for Ritz roasted vegie.

Someone went off the ranch on this one!

unexpected, perhaps inspiried, creativity... for Ritz ! crackers !

Anonymous said...

I have never had them but they look good. Just today I walked into a kroger looking for them. But they wernt in stock. I will look back later

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the song, i've been looking around for it.

Andrew~Ken~Diana on 1/19/2007 12:27:00 PM said...

I purchased these before Christmas for a change from the plain ole Ritz Crackers and we loved them. They don't stay in the stores long, so if you see them, grab them. Excellent by themselves or with virtually any type of cheese. We ate them with Brie, Boursin Herb & Garlic Cheese, Cheddar and with a spinach dip. They went perfect with all of these.

Anonymous said...

A friend told me she tried em... said they're good! :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love em :)

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