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02 June, 2006

Rejuvenative Foods Organic Kim Chi

Rejuvenative Foods Organic Kim ChiKim Chi falls into the category of pickle, which we haven't covered too much here at JFB. We hope to start changing that.

A company called Rejuvenative Foods, based out of Santa Cruz, CA has come out with a line of "organic Kim Chi", which seems like a oxymoron.

Kim Chi is an old Korean delicacy, usually eaten as a relish, or as a side dish. These days, Kim Chi is frequently enjoyed as a snack, like sucking a dill pickle. The Japanese are so much in love with Kim Chi that's it's often mistaken as one of their own.

It's just cabbage, of any variety, pickled in brine and chili peppers. Modern Kim Chi typically adds some amount of fish sauce (or paste), made from the pickler's own unique recipe. It's put into a steel bowl, and weighted down with a large, flat river rock (these days they don't use rocks). Then it's stored in a cool dark place for a week.

If you've never experienced Kim Chi, your first impression is that it stinks. One small jar of it will stink up an entire house pretty quickly. If you love Kim Chi, the smell alone will make your mouth water and your scalp itch. Truthfully, my mouth is watering just writing about it!

Kim ChiNo one that I know of can eat an entire jar of Kim Chi in one sitting. It's usually too hot. Good Kim Chi has an intense flavor. The hotter and more intense, the better. These days, everything can become Kim Chi, from cucumbers, to tofu, to baby squid.

Anyways, this company's line of "organic Kim Chi" is oxymoronic because Kim Chi is by definition, organic. It's not full of chemicals and preservatives.

Interestingly, two of their five Kim Chi varieties are salt-free. I just can't imagine Kim Chi without salt. It would be like making Tequila without the agave. In fact, I question the appropriateness of calling it Kim Chi.

The other varieties are interesting, combining a wide variety of vegetables, and incorporating Sea Salt.

The company goes on to say that Kim Chi contains lactobacilli, a probiotic microflora, that promotes a healthy human digestive tract. I'll tell you what, you eat enough Kim Chi in one sitting, and I guarantee you'll find yourself on the toilet soon.

Order from Rejuvenative Foods directly, or find it in natural food stores.


Anonymous said...

I swear i could eat kim chi all day. One of my favorite foods, easily.

I don't think you quite understand what "organic" means in this context. It sounds like they are referring to the cabbage, the peppers, etc being grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, not the process in which kim chi is made.

Anonymous said...

whats shocking and hilarious to me that a food blogger who is seemingly pretty successful with his or her blog, would make such an ignorant assumption about the term organic.

do you even know what organic means?

if you dont... then you probably dont know much about food. you must be a fascinating character. a blonde, i wouldnt be surprised.

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