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22 June, 2006

Nestle Turtles Dark Chocolate

Nestle Turtles Dark ChocolateNestle Turtles are now available in a Dark Chocolate variety.

The amphibious confection contains premium pecans & cashews with caramel + dark chocolate.

Seems everything these days is going dark chocolate, with all the talk about chocolate and antioxidant benefits.


roadkill on 12/03/2008 12:32:00 PM said...

how do you order the dark chocolate turtles or what stores carries them besides target?

Anonymous said...

Dark choc turtles are fantastic! The dark chocolate offsets the very sweet caramel perfectly, I could easily eat a whole box, which you can't say about many confections because usually the sweetness eventually becomes sickening. I hate that it's so hard to find these in stores, even at Christmas :/

Jen on 9/07/2010 11:05:00 AM said...

And, dark chocolate just tastes better. I wish companies like this would make the chocolate a bit more dark/bitter though.

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