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27 June, 2006

Nestle Dark Raisinets

Nestle Dark RaisinetsJumping on to the dark chocolate bandwagon is everyone's favorite movie-muchie, Raisinets.

Now covered in Nestle's Dark Chocolate, they're being pitched as a healthy alternative to standard Raisinets due to their higher antioxidant value, along with 30% less fat than competitor brands.


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen them in stores yet, but I tried them at the All Candy Expo.

The dark chocolate doesn't really taste that different than the milk - it's still very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Someone where I work had some and I tasted them. They were wonderful but I can't find them in stores.

Anonymous said...

I just same them in a gas station and had to buy them. They were so good, I hope I can find more of them! (especially at the movies!)

Anonymous said...

Love them but having trouble finding them in stores.

Anonymous said...

Great candy, but I can't find them anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Target sells the 11oz bag for under $2.69 :-D

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