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07 June, 2006

Milton's Multi-Grain Crackers - Bite Sized

Milton's Multi-Grain CrackersDel Mar, CA-based Milton's Baking Company recently launched a new bite-sized version of their multi-grain crackers.

The new line of crackers come in a small-sized squares versus the larger circle-sized crackers.

Varieties include, "Original Flavor", "Garlic & Herb with Extra Virgin Olive Oil", "French Onion with Poppyseeds", and "Whole Wheat with Sesame Seeds". The crackers contain 0 grams of trans fat.

They're available in 10 oz. boxes, as well as in 3.75 oz. bags, and in 0.93 oz. pouches. Each pouch contains 120 calories.

All of Milton's products are available for purchase from its website, though these new crackers are not yet mentioned.


Anonymous said...

I purchased a box of Miltons Multi Grain crackers and give them five stars!!! I will defintely purchase them again.

Kate said...

I purchased them as well, and found they had a disagreeable texture. Crunchy, but stale almost. Odd.

Anonymous said...

I love um.. YUM eating some now .. only 3 points per ban on WW !!

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