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07 June, 2006

Kaboom Infinite Energy Drink

Kaboom Infinite Energy DrinkKaboom Infinite Energy Drink is a new beverage from Brand X LLC.

Now available in the USA, it's made with real fruit juice and compounded with guarana, green tea extract, and B vitamins.

Kaboom is offered in "Orange Buzzzz" (orange and green tea), and "Tropicoool" (mango and guava) varieties. It's claimed to be all natural and free of preservatives.

It should be shipping out to stores right now, and will be available for purchase online from the company's website on June 15th.


Anonymous said...

I was really impressed with Kaboom. It's like drinking juice, very natural.
I checked their site and you can buy their drinks online at http://www.kaboomenergy.com/store

Anonymous said...

Kaboom is great! Love the flavor, love the energy, and no "hangover" from the caffeine. Need more.

Anonymous said...

This is the real deal, no other energy drinks compare with this product, I am truly a fan!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this stuff - can't get enough! Every other "energy" drink gives me the shakes and then a headache at the end. Not Kaboom! It gives me a nice, energetic feeling and NO headache or side-affects. I think it's because it contains high quality NATURAL ingredients. Don't waste your money on anything else - Kaboom is the REAL DEAL!

--A fan for life

Anonymous said...

This product is the best >^..^<
I just wish I could get it at the store already...Please.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm.... i think it cured my hangover! Well at least it hydrated me after a long night. The pomegranate is heavenly and makes me feel good about drinking something really healthy. No more Redbull Vodka's for me... gimme a VodKaBoom!

check it - www.kaboominfinite.com

Anonymous said...

I tried some orange buzz when I was out in Santa Monica on holiday.. simply brilliant. Hardly any calories?! When will I be able to pick up a case in London? Soon... soon?? I hope!

Unknown on 9/08/2008 11:52:00 AM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown on 9/08/2008 11:54:00 AM said...

Orange_Buzz, Pom_Berry, Tropi_Co with Ocean Vodka.. Yum!

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