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27 June, 2006

Isis Luxury Chocolate - New Varieties

Isis Luxury ChocolateBelgian-based Italo Suisse USA recently released some new varieties to its line of Isis Luxury Chocolate bars.

  • Creamy Milk with 30% Less Sugar & Added Fibre

  • Dark Orange (Dark chocolate with candied orange peel)

  • Mysterious Dark (Dark chocolate 70 percent cacao)

  • Milk Chocolate with Caramelised Almonds & Honey Nougat

  • Pralinoir (Smooth dark chocolate with crispy hazelnut praline)

  • Dark Chocolate with Candied Orange Peel

  • Extra Dark Chocolate (85 percent cocoa)
The Isis line of chocolates are produced with 100 percent pure cocoa butter.


Anonymous said...

I've just eaten one of the reduced sugar 40g bars. Lovely!


Anonymous said...

I have eaten one with reduced suger and also dark and milk chocolate without any suger. Very good.
Can´t you send information to Hemköps-stores and ICA stores in Sundsvall in Sweden. The chocolate is hard to find here in Sweden.
Best regards

Anonymous said...

I have tried my first ISIS bar--it was white abd to die for.

Unknown on 10/07/2009 04:41:00 AM said...

I've just eaten Isis Luxury Extra Dark Chocolate (85% Cocoa), it is the best chocolate that I have ever eaten.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where can I buy Isis chocolate? I've had the 70%, it is quite awesome, I would like to try the 85% as well. Pier one in TN doesn't carry it any more. Please, if you will, e-mail me the results if possible, thank you

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