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04 June, 2006

Ginger People Ginger Chews

Ginger People Ginger ChewsJunk Food ReviewFrom Royal Pacific Foods is a product called, "Ginger Chews" under their Ginger People brand.

I received a package of this stuff from my mom, who just happened to send this to me. She sends me stuff every now and then from her visits to the asian food markets.

It's described as having a sweet & hot flavor, and that's it's the ultimate delicacy for ginger lovers. They even claim you can drop a few of these pieces into a cup of hot water and make tea.

The company offers three different flavors of these things, Original, Spicy Apple, and Peanut Ginger. I'm reviewing the Original.


The first thing you notice when chewing into one of these is a sweet taste. There's also a clear ginger taste upon first hitting your mouth. Eventually, the ginger taste wears off and you're mostly tasting sweet.

As far as ginger goes, there is indeed a ginger flavor, though slight. It's just enough to let you know it's ginger, but with no pungency. There is indeed a spiciness that comes after several chews of this stuff and makes itself apparent in the back of your mouth. But I wouldn't classify it as "hot" as the package states. Keep in mind I grew up on spicy foods, and this is quite tame for me.


Each piece is individually wrapped, and are very easy to open. Each piece is also covered in powdered sugar to keep your fingers from becoming sticky.

The chew is soft, like a tootsie-roll that's been warmed up. It's clearly chewy, with a consistency very much like a jelly bean, but more gooey. But it's not overly sticky or gooey that it won't pull a tooth out.


These are great to enjoy as a candy, eating one or two. This isn't something you'd snack on; you wouldn't get a craving to eat the whole bag. They might be great as an after-meal delight.

I did enjoy them, but I probably won't be buying them. I'd certainly take one if offered to me though.


Where purchased: given to me as a gift
Price: $2.00 per bag, 16 count

Buy it online from the company's website.

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Lesley on 6/05/2006 05:31:00 AM said...

My boyfriend was on a kick with these things for quite a while a few months ago. He'd eat 10 at a time (you can buy them in bulk at Wild Oats here).

The only drawback is that while the chew is in your mouth, you should not talk to someone closely and certainly not try to kiss them because it creates a distinctive dog breath essence in-mouth. Once the chew is gone, everything's fine, though.

cybele on 6/11/2006 09:13:00 AM said...

I really like these chews. I strongly suspect that there's a factory in Indonesia that makes all of them (Reeds and Ginger People) because I've gotten them in wrapped candy mixes from Malaysia and Japan.

I'm glad you're getting into reviews!

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