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07 June, 2006

Enjoy the Game Beef Jerky 4 Kids

Enjoy the Game Beef Jerky 4 KidsCorBranz Marketing Group LLC is now offering a new brand of beef jerky marketed to kids.

"Enjoy the Game" is actually the name of a youth sports organization dedicated towards eliminating the self-centered attitudes that dominate youth sports and makes life miserable for coaches and assistants.

CorBranz is partnering with Enjoy the Game to offer this new meat snack. In fact, the two organizations are launching an entire line of snacks and drinks marketed to young athletes called, "Sportables".

The new jerky is made from U.S. raised 100 percent whole muscle beef, and cut into "kid-friendly moist and tender bite sized pieces". It's available in Mild Hickory, Sweet Teriyaki, and Natural Style varieties.

A 2 oz. bag has a suggested retail price of $2.99.


SoccerMom22 said...

Does anyone know where you can buy this? Sounds like a good product for kids while promoting a worthwhile youth sports organization. I went to all the posted sites and the Jerky and Sportables appear to be new product introductions from a company called Corbranz Marketing Group. Enjoy The Game looks like a neat organization as well. Sportables sounds interesting but what is it?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an AWESOME idea!

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