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03 June, 2006

Canned Sardines as a Health Food

Season Imported Sardine FilletsCanned sardines play an important role in maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

That's what RAB Food Group, LLC says on their website, about their line of canned sardines. The company recently launched a new form, sardine fillets, designed to appeal to folks who can't stand seeing fish heads and fins.

But perhaps my biggest reason for blogging this is the health statement printed on the box:

Natural Source of Omega-3's and Protein

Perhaps it's a sign of the times that canned sardines are now good for your heart. Also, the mention of protein is obviously there to appeal to carb-conscious dieters.

So is the canned sardine industry now on the brink of financial success in the health food market? Well, the fact that this company is putting out fillets instead of whole sardines, shows their committment to broaden public appeal.

I can just see Oprah Winfrey with her head tilted back, slurping down a six-inch long sardine and saying, "Wow, I just lost another 5 pounds!"


john doe on 7/31/2007 11:19:00 AM said...

What's your point?

Anonymous said...

whats the association between healthy and losing weight

Anonymous said...

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Honeygo Beasley on 8/30/2008 10:05:00 AM said...

Just ate a tin. Loved it! 150 calories. Omega 3's. I had it with a slice of whole wheat bread. Lunch! I try to eat a can once a week. It's very good for you.

Anonymous said...

So what did you just say? your point?

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