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06 June, 2006

Blueberry Bushel Popcorn

Blueberry Bushel PopcornDale & Thomas, makers of gourmet popcorn, have introduced seven new flavors for the Summer popcorn munching season, including this delicious-looking Blueberry variety.

Blueberry Bushel Popcorn combines the sweet and tart taste of just-picked blueberries added with D&T's caramel corn.

Sun-Drenched Strawberry is for those popcorn lovers who can't get enough of the sweet and tangy taste of strawberries. The flavor is combined with D&T's caramel corn.

Really Really Raspberry combines with the the sweet and tart taste of raspberries with D&T's caramel corn.

Pineapple Coconut Breeze is described as transporting you to a sun-dappled veranda where warm island breezes carry the scent of pineapples and aromatic coconut.

Sweet & Spicy BBQ combines the best of authentic BBQ flavor with D&T's sweet-and-salty KettleCorn, offering popcorn eaters a duo of sweet and smoky goodness.

Southwest Cheddar-Chipotle is a unique combination of smoky roasted chipotle chiles and sharp cheddar cheese creating a big outdoorsie flavor.

Buffalo & Blue takes the tangy, spicy taste of real Buffalo chicken wings with the flavor of cool and creamy blue cheese, and the company's world-famous KettleCorn.

You can buy any of these new flavors online from Dale and Thomas Popcorn.


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