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06 June, 2006

America's Pancakes are China's Egg Rolls

Egg Roll WafersThis product dubbed, "Egg Roll Wafers", are made by a Chinese company called, "Guangdong Wangtong Food Co. Ltd., and sold to consumers in China.

These are sweet-tasting stick-shaped biscuits made from eggs, refined wheat flour, vegetable oil, and sugar.

In the USA, a combination of eggs and flour are often referred to as pancakes, or waffles. In this case, Chinese consumers are more apt to buy the same thing if marketed in a way familiar to them.


Anonymous said...

The ingredients and style of the cookies strongly resembles the sort of cookies used to make fortune cookies (which are served in Chinese restaurants and are not from China) more so than waffles or pancakes.

Anonymous said...

i believe these items are actually korean, not Chinese.

Anonymous said...

mm yeah that's a korean cookie package, the characters actually mean "egg cone"

Anonymous said...

yeah that's korean characters written on the wrapper. and I've never seen that item here in seoul.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have the recipe?

thanks :)

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