28 June, 2006

What's the Definition of Junk Food?

After running across the Junk Food definition in Wikipedia, I felt compelled to write up my own thoughts of what constitutes "junk food".

In short, junk food is any kind of food not intended to be part of a balanced nutrition. It doesn't have to be "bad" for you, it just has to be something created mostly for satisfaction than nutrition.

Wikipedia says the following...

Junk food is a common term used for any food item that is perceived to be unhealthy and has low or poor nutritional value.

I could accept the notion that most food perceived to be unhealthy or of low nutritional value to be junk food. However, consider celery. It's mostly water, and is actually low in nutritional value. But we wouldn't consider celery to be junk food.

On the opposite end, consider unseasoned, unsalted, rice cakes. There's nothing unhealthy about these things, in fact, they're pretty good eating as far as diet and health are concerned. But I feel they straddle the line on junk food. Rice cakes were made for snacking, or at best, a platform to smear jelly or cream cheese. They're more about satisfaction than nutrition.

You could also say the same thing about potatoes. By themselves, they don't offer much in terms of essential vitamins and minerals. And, no one eats potatoes plain, with nothing on them. We always pile on butter and sour cream. Other people sprinkle salt and pepper. We dab french fries into ketchup, and mix cheesy sauce with Au Gratin style. In that sense, they're not much different than rice cakes.

So, would we consider potatoes to be junk food? No. Potatoes by themselves were not created purely for satisfaction. On the other hand, processed potatoes, like french fries, hash browns, potato chips, are junk food. I'd have to exclude baked potatoes from junk food, because you gotta cook a potato somehow.

Pizzas are generally considered to be junk food. But what part of a pizza makes it junky? The bread? The cheese? The tomato sauce? The pepperoni? If you answer "The pepperoni", then what if we exchange it for mushrooms? Would that make it healthy? I'm not sure why pizza is more junkier than a plate of Chicken Parmesan over Linguini.

As for Junk Food Blog, what's the criteria for getting a product blogged here?

It's really up to me to decide, mostly based on what I feel is good. But here's a general set of criteria I look for...

1. It is "ready to eat" (straight out of the package).

2. It is not marketed as a health food.

3. It is consumed as a snack, not part of a meal.

4. It is manufactured.

I may stray off of these rules, if it's something I can't resist telling you about.
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27 June, 2006

Cranberry Bog Frogs

Cranberry Bog FrogsCranberry Bog Frogs is perhaps an iteration on the popular Chocolate Turtle, except these are supposed to be a chocolatey homage to the frogs that inhabit the cranberry bogs of Cape Cod.

A product of Cape Cod Provisions LLC, these bite-sized morsels take a mixture of caramel, dried cranberries, and sliced almonds, shaped into something that might possibly have an amphibious resemblence, and then covered from head to toe in chocolate. Finally, each piece is garnished with a dried cranberry on top.


These are certainly yummy.

The first taste that hits you is an overwhelming chocolate and caramel combo. You can't really taste much of the cranberries at all. You can, however, feel and taste something fruity inside, but if you didn't know what fruit it was, you'd more likely guess it was raisin.

I'm not much of a chocolate expert, so I can't say if the chocolate is of premium quality or not. As a junk-food-aholic, perhaps it doesn't matter. It's chocolate.


Overall, there's something in this that tells me the quality is average. Nothing really strikes me as being of high quality.

There's just enough sliced almonds present to give it just enough crunch.

The caramel doesn't really stick to your teeth or mouth, that's a plus for me. Also, it doesn't have an overwhelming sweet taste.


These Cranberry Bog Frogs definitely have a "snackability" factor to them. I found myself wanting to stuff these things down one after another. But at a cost of $2.49 for a three-piece package, you probably don't want to do so.

I wouldn't put these on my shopping list, but if I happened to see them at a store, I'd probably pick up another three-piece package.


Where purchased: Cost Plus World Market
Price: $2.49, three-piece package
Weight: 1.9oz per package

You can also purchase these online from Cape Code Provisions.
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New York Style Pita Chips - Whole Wheat

New York Style Pita Chips New York Style Brand of Dayton, NJ recently added a new Whole Wheat variety to its line of baked Pita Chips.

The deli-snack maker bakes their Pita Chips from fresh pita bread, then cuts them into strips, bakes them golden brown, and lightly seasons them to flavor.

The new snack is sold in a resealable 5 oz. stand-up bag with a suggested retail price is $2.99 to $3.49.

Visit the company's store locator.

See our previous article about New York Style Pita Chips.
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Wolfgang Peanut Butter Kisses

Wolfgang Peanut Butter KissesThe D.E. Wolfgang Candy Co. of York, PA has a new confection out, called "Peanut Butter Kisses".

Described as soft vanilla taffy with a delicious peanut butter center, the individually wrapped candy comes in a 14oz, 75-count bag. Suggested retail price is $6.25.

Buy them online from the company's e-commerce site.
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Isis Luxury Chocolate - New Varieties

Isis Luxury ChocolateBelgian-based Italo Suisse USA recently released some new varieties to its line of Isis Luxury Chocolate bars.

  • Creamy Milk with 30% Less Sugar & Added Fibre

  • Dark Orange (Dark chocolate with candied orange peel)

  • Mysterious Dark (Dark chocolate 70 percent cacao)

  • Milk Chocolate with Caramelised Almonds & Honey Nougat

  • Pralinoir (Smooth dark chocolate with crispy hazelnut praline)

  • Dark Chocolate with Candied Orange Peel

  • Extra Dark Chocolate (85 percent cocoa)
The Isis line of chocolates are produced with 100 percent pure cocoa butter.
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Koko's Candy Logs

Koko's Candy LogsWouldn't it be great if you build a house out of Lincoln Logs, and then eat the whole thing?

Thanks to Koko's Confectionery & Novelty of Cockeysville, MD, now you can. Koko's Candy Logs are just that, similar to Lincoln Logs, but can be eaten.

Each set comes in a 1 oz. canister with either a Blue, Red or Green plastic roof.
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Big Tips Candy Collection

Big Tips Candy CollectionAll the old candy bars that I used to love while growing up in the 1970s are now together in one nostaligic collection called, "Big Tips Candy Collection".

The new "limited-edition" collection contains 15 childhood favorites including:

Christopher's Big Cherry
Pearson's Bun Bar
Necco Clark Bar
Goo Goo Cluster
Owyhee Idaho Spud Bar (my Dad's favorite)
Boyer Mallo Cup
Brown & Haley Mountain Bar
Pearson's Nut Goodie
Owyhee Old Faithful
Peanut Chews
Annabelle's Rocky Road
Pearson's Salted Nut Roll
Necco Sky Bar
Palmer Twin Bing Candy Bar

To top it off, each box contains a nifty coloring book starting Tippy Tapperton, the porcupine whose cartoonish face graces the box cover. The suggested retail price is $20.00.

You can buy it online from Big Tips Candy.
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Manner Creme de la Creme

Manner Creme de la CremeCreme de la Creme is a new product available in the USA from Austrian-based Josef Manner & Comp. AG.

They're the same type of creme-filled wafers that the Manner brand is known for, except round in shape and packaged in a Pringles style can.

Varieties include Mousse au Chocolat with Fine Chocolate, Vienna Almond with Fine Almond Creme, and Black Currant-Yoghurt with Real Black Currant Pieces.

The suggested retail price is $2.99 to $3.49 each. I imagine you can find them in import stores.
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Vitamin Gum Sugar Free

Vitamin Gum Sugar FreeSouth Korea-based Xyvita Co. Ltd. is now offering "Vitamin Gum", a chewing gum with 100% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C.

The company claims it's the world's first chewable Vitamin C in gum form.

The chiclet-shaped gum is available in green, yellow, and red colors, with no indication of flavor, except that the company's website shows pictures of apples, lemons, and tomatoes. It's sugar-free, being sweetened with xylitol.

They available in the USA in 8-piece and 12-piece blister-packs costing $.99 and $1.29 respectively, as well as a 45-count plastic bottle for $4.99.
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Nestle Dark Raisinets

Nestle Dark RaisinetsJumping on to the dark chocolate bandwagon is everyone's favorite movie-muchie, Raisinets.

Now covered in Nestle's Dark Chocolate, they're being pitched as a healthy alternative to standard Raisinets due to their higher antioxidant value, along with 30% less fat than competitor brands.
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Disney Light Up Lollipops

Disney Light Up LollipopsDisney Light-Up Lollipop is a new confection from Delk Industries of Nashville, TN.

They're just your basic lollipops with character heads that light up. Nothing too hard to figure out.

Available in Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, and Cars, it's more stuff you Disney collectors will have to shell out money for.

The light source is inside the stick of the lolly which pushes on and off, and lasts up to 48 hours if left on continously. They're Sold individually for a suggested retail price of $1.49 to $1.99. I imagine Disney will be selling them in their parks and retail outlets.
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23 June, 2006

Wom Animal Licks Lollipops

Wom Animal Licks LollipopsThey're touted as "the pop that licks you back!"

These are toy animal heads with candy tongues. You suck on their tongues to enjoy sugary fun. The lolly is actually concealed within the animal's mouth. There's a push tab on the back of its head that opens the mouth and sticks the tongue out for sucking.

The strawberry flavored candy comes in Leopard, Hippo, Zebra and Giraffe varieties. They're distributed by Sherwood Brands. Visit their retail locator page.

I wonder if there's any correlation to the "cat's tongue"?
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Dina's Chocolates

Dina's ChocolatesDina's Chocolate is a line of organic chocolate bars produced by Mt. Kisco, NY-based The Khader Group.

The company emphasizes the antioxidant benefits of 74% cacao chocolate bars.

Varieties include Chocolate with Almonds, and Green Tea Chocolate. They claim they were able to create a creamy chocolate bar without the need for milk by using green tea.

They also claim that their green tea chocolate is manufactured in the only 100% organic chocolate factory in the United States.
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Godiva Ice Cream - New Flavors

Godiva Ice Cream - New FlavorsGodiva Chocolatier added four new flavors to its line of gourmet ice cream.

  • Belgian Dark Chocolate Mint - Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with Mint Swirls.

  • Vanilla Black Raspberry - Vanilla and Black Raspberry Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Chips.

  • Cappuccino with Chocolate Hearts - Cappuccino Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Hearts.

  • Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Praline - Milk Chocolate Ice Cream with Caramelized Hazelnuts.
They're presented in one pint round cartons with a suggested retail price of $3.69 to $4.19 each.
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AriZona Green Tea Energy Drink

AriZona Green Tea Energy DrinkArizona Beverage Co. is now producing an energy version of their popular AriZona Green Tea Iced Tea.

It actually comes in two varieties, Regular and Diet, the latter sweetened with Splenda. It's lightly carbonated.

The company is pitching it's new energy drink as a healthy alternative to competitor products, touting the antioxidant benefits of green tea, and its line up of vitamins, minerals, and herbs.
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22 June, 2006

Nestle Turtles Dark Chocolate

Nestle Turtles Dark ChocolateNestle Turtles are now available in a Dark Chocolate variety.

The amphibious confection contains premium pecans & cashews with caramel + dark chocolate.

Seems everything these days is going dark chocolate, with all the talk about chocolate and antioxidant benefits.
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Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares - 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate with Caramel

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares - 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate with CaramelGhiradelli Chocolate Squares are now available in a new variety dubbed, "60% Cacao Dark Chocolate with Caramel".

They're claimed to be a perfect balance of dark chocolate and rich, buttery caramel.

Each square is presented in a 0.53 oz. individually wrapped piece inside a 5.32 oz. stand up bag. They're priced at $3.50 to $3.99 per bag.

Visit their store locator.
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Queen Anne Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cordial Cherries

Queen Anne Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cordial CherriesWorld's Finest Chocolate, Inc. of Chicago, IL recently added new "Peppermint Cordial Cherries" to its line of cordial cherry confections.

The Queen Anne brand uses maraschino cherries wrapped in creamy fondant and covered in real chocolate.

The Cordial Cherries are presented in two air-tight sealed trays inside a 10-count, 6.6 oz. box with a suggested retail price of $1.49.
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Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops

Yummy Earth Organic LollipopsNew from Yummy Earth LLC is this line of "health lollys" to appease parents with factory paranoia.

Varieties include, Wet-Face Watermelon, Cheeky Lemon, Pomegranate Pucker, Orange Squeeze and Razzmatazz Berry.

They're made with ingredients like purple carrots and red cabbage to simulate the blush of a berry or the pink flesh of a watermelon. The company claims their organic lollipops don't contain "yucky chemicals", or pesticides or dyes regularly found in "chemical candy". They also use real fruit extracts.

In addition, they claim they're "planet friendly", allergen free, gluten-free, casein free, 100% vegan, GMO-free, egg-free, soy-free, nut-free, wheat-free, and dairy-free.

The wuss-friendly lollipops have a suggested retail price of $2.49 for the 15-count pouch.

Find them at Whole Foods and Wild Oats stores.
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Jolt Caffeine Energy Mints

Jolt Caffeine Energy MintsNew Jolt Caffeine Energy Mints is the newest form factor of the famous "Jolt" brand, accompanying Jolt Gum and Jolt Soda.

These mints, fortified with energy boosting ingredients Caffeine, Guarana and Ginseng, are offered in the USA in "Mint Flurry" flavor.

Sold in a 1.19 oz. tin, the label reads, "5 Jolt mints = 1 cup of coffee - Chew more - Do more.".
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Wonka SweeTarts Squeez

Wonka SweeTarts SqueezThe latest from Nestle is this co-branded squeeze candy called, "Wonka SweeTarts Squeez".

It's described as being SweeTarts Candy in a new squeezable format. Offered in Green Apple and Wild Cherry varieties, it comes in a 1.5oz recloseable plastic tube.

It's part of Nestle's Wonka brand.
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Sour Punch Sip-n-Chew Straws

Sour Punch Sip-n-Chew StrawsNew from American Licorice Co. are these Sour Punch Sip-n-Chew Candy Straws.

They're drinking straws in the form of hard candy.

You can get them in Chargin' Cherry, and Zappin' Apple varieties.

We previously mentioned the concept of candy drinking straws on our sister blog, last July.

Sour Punch Sip-n-Chew straws are artificially flavored and sold individually in 1 oz. (28g) plastic wrappers priced at 59 cents each.

Buy them online from Candy Cabinet.
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Cafe Select Chocolate Coffee Trios

Cafe Select Chocolate Coffee TriosThe New England Confectionery Co. (NECCO) recently released their new "Chocolate Coffee Trios" under their Cafe Select brand.

Described as being made with real coffee, these are similar to malted milk balls, but with a candy coffee center.

Available in Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte varieties.
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NASCAR Sour Speed Strips

NASCAR Sour Speed StripsPromotion in Motion Inc., which makes a wide variety of familiar candy brands, is now offering "NASCAR Sour Speed Strips".

These are bite-sized pieces of sour fruit flavored chews.

Available in Strawberry, Watermelon, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry flavors, these soft chewy pieces are made from real fruit ingredients.
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Fizzies Drink Tablets

Fizzies Drink TabletsFizzies Drink Tablets are back.

I'm not sure if they really went away, but they're now being distributed by Old Time Candy Co.

They're kinda like Alka Seltzer tablets; you drop one into a glass of water, and it turns it into soda. Comes in Blue Razz, Cherry, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Orange, Root Beer, and Sour Apple flavors.

The "effervescent" drink tablets are said to have no sugar and contains 100 percent of the recommended daily supply of vitamin C. The suggested retail price is $2.99 per box.
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Back From The Road

If you've wondered where I've been the past couple of weeks, well, I've been riding my motorcycle.

From June 7 to June 11, me and a bunch of folks from our riding club headed up north from Southern California to the 29th Annual Redwood Run, what is often described as the last of the old school biker rallies.

And boy what a great time it was! Concerts, food, partying, boobies, beer, games, boobies, food, more concerts. Did I forget the boobies?

On June 11, my friends rode back home while I rode up north to Gold Beach, Oregon to hook up with two other friends for a tour across the Columbia River Gorge, including places in Spokane, Coeur D'Alene, as well as Crater Lake, the Sierra Nevadas, the Sequoias and Kings Canyon.

I didn't get back until late evening, June 18.

Click here to see my photos from the Redwood Run (beware of boobies!)

Click here to see my photos from the latter half of my road trip (no boobies here).

Do you ride a motorcycle in Southern California? Check out our riding club.

Now, on with the junk food!
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07 June, 2006

Keebler Toasteds Organic - Harvest Wheat

Keebler Toasteds Organic - Harvest WheatA new variety was added to the line of Keebler Toasteds crackers, "Harvest Wheat", in a new Organic formulation.

The new bite-sized snack crackers carry the USDA certification for organic products. They're billed as being comparable to the regular line of Toasteds crackers in terms of taste and quality, while offering the benefits of organic ingredients (whatever those benefits are).

They're presented in a 6.75 oz. box with a retail price of $2.99.
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Cheez-It Fiesta - Chili Con Queso

Cheez-It Fiesta - Chili Con QuesoA new variety was added to the Sunshine Cheez-It Fiesta line of crackers.

Chili Con Queso is the new flavor, which now accompanies the other two flavors of Cheddar Nacho and Cheesy Taco.

The Cheez-It Fiesta line is baked with a touch of stone-ground corn masa to give them somewhat of a real Mexican flavor and a crispy corn tortilla crunch.

The new Chili Con Queso flavor is now available in US markets.
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Barbara's Crunchy Organic Granola Bars

Barbara's Crunchy Organic Granola BarsBarbara's Bakery Inc. introduced a new line of granola bars branded, "Crunchy Organic".

Varieties include, "Cinnamon Crisp", "Oats & Honey", "Peanut Butter", and "Toaste Almond".

They contain no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, cholesterol, hydrogenated oils, or trans fat.

Each variety is sold in a 7oz box containing 10 bars (5 two-bar pouches). Find a retail outlet near you.
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Milton's Multi-Grain Crackers - Bite Sized

Milton's Multi-Grain CrackersDel Mar, CA-based Milton's Baking Company recently launched a new bite-sized version of their multi-grain crackers.

The new line of crackers come in a small-sized squares versus the larger circle-sized crackers.

Varieties include, "Original Flavor", "Garlic & Herb with Extra Virgin Olive Oil", "French Onion with Poppyseeds", and "Whole Wheat with Sesame Seeds". The crackers contain 0 grams of trans fat.

They're available in 10 oz. boxes, as well as in 3.75 oz. bags, and in 0.93 oz. pouches. Each pouch contains 120 calories.

All of Milton's products are available for purchase from its website, though these new crackers are not yet mentioned.
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Fisher Fusions Snack Mix

Fisher Fusions Snack MixJohn B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc., which makes the Fisher brand of nut mixes, recently introduce a new line of snack mix called "Fisher Fusions".

They're described as being "culturally inspired" mix of nuts and snacks, in a variety of combinations.

  • Asian Spice is a combination of rice crackers, peanuts, wasabi peas, almonds, chili stix, corn nuggets, and cashews.

  • Cheddar Crunch is a blend of sugar glazed peanuts, corn sticks, pretzels, sesame sticks, peanuts and cheddar crackers.

  • Trail Blazer is a mix of raisins, peanuts, cashews and milk chocolate candy.

  • Sweet Harvest is a blend of honey roasted peanuts, raisins, frosted walnuts, cashews and cranberries.

  • Martini Mix is a combination of peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts and olives. (Olives in a snack mix?)

  • Country Honey is a blend of honey glazed peanuts, cashews and cinnamon almonds.

  • Tropical Twist is a blend of apricots, almonds, cashews, pineapple and banana chips.
Each snack mix is packaged in a resealable stand up pouch with a suggested retail price of $1.99.
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Gak's Snacks Cookies

http://www.gakssnacks.com/c-1-Cookies%20and%20Coffee%20Cake.aspxGak's Snacks is a company that offers a line of snacks for people with food allergies.

They have two varieties of cookies designed to be "allergen friendly", Chocolate Chip, and Brownie Chip. Both are made with organic ingredients in a nut-free facility (we don't want any crazy people making cookies now do we?)

These whole grain cookies contain no peanuts, no tree nuts, no eggs, no wheat, and dairy. Moreover, they contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, cholesterol, or trans fat.

Each variety comes in a box of 8 large cookies selling for $5.99 each.

You can buy them online from Gak's Snacks.
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Organic Pure Bar

Organic Pure BarA company called Pure of Holland is marketing a new line of organic bars called, "Organic Pure Bar".

Pure bars are described as a delicious, healthy, food bar made with organic and raw ingredients, not cooked. The bars are chewy and sweet, and are supposed to provide adults and kids with a healthy alternative to other candy bars.

The organic bars are fortified with brown rice protein and low glycemic agave nectar. They provides 15 essential vitamins and minerals, 400 mg. of omega III fats and 4 grams of fiber.

Varieties include, "Chocolate Brownie", "Cherry Cashew", and "Apple Cinnamon". Each variety comes in a 12-count box containing individually wrapped bars retailing for $22.50 each.

Buy them online.
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Kaboom Infinite Energy Drink

Kaboom Infinite Energy DrinkKaboom Infinite Energy Drink is a new beverage from Brand X LLC.

Now available in the USA, it's made with real fruit juice and compounded with guarana, green tea extract, and B vitamins.

Kaboom is offered in "Orange Buzzzz" (orange and green tea), and "Tropicoool" (mango and guava) varieties. It's claimed to be all natural and free of preservatives.

It should be shipping out to stores right now, and will be available for purchase online from the company's website on June 15th.
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Little Debbie - Spirit of America Marshmallow Treats

Little Debbie - Spirit of America Marshmallow TreatsJust in time for the upcoming Independence Day celebration, McKee Foods Corp. is offering a patriotic version of Marshmallow Squares under their Little Debbie brand.

And who better to celebrate the Fourth of July than the iconic little red-headed Little Debbie? These new marshmallow treats are made with red, white, and blue crisp rice, and individually wrapped in "Spirit of America" wrappers.

The company is also co-producing a series of collector cards with The Biography Channel that feature a famous American with his or her biography. Each box contains a card.

Visit Little Debbie for more information.
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Sugar-Free Peeps

Sugar-Free PeepsJust Born, Inc., more famously known for making the line of "Peeps" marshmallow animals, and the Mike & Ike candies, announced that they'll be selling a sugar-free variety of Peeps for Easter of 2007.

Sugar Free Marshmallow Peeps are being billed as the first sugar-free, non-chocolate marshmallow confection on the market. Instead of sugar, they'll contain Splenda.

The company will also be offering two other new products. Their "Original Marshmallow Chicks Candy" will soon be available in a "bright and eye-catching" green color for St. Patrick's Day.

Meanwhile, the other new product will be "Cocoa Marshmallow Bunnies", billed as the first cocoa flavored Easter Peeps.
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Enjoy the Game Beef Jerky 4 Kids

Enjoy the Game Beef Jerky 4 KidsCorBranz Marketing Group LLC is now offering a new brand of beef jerky marketed to kids.

"Enjoy the Game" is actually the name of a youth sports organization dedicated towards eliminating the self-centered attitudes that dominate youth sports and makes life miserable for coaches and assistants.

CorBranz is partnering with Enjoy the Game to offer this new meat snack. In fact, the two organizations are launching an entire line of snacks and drinks marketed to young athletes called, "Sportables".

The new jerky is made from U.S. raised 100 percent whole muscle beef, and cut into "kid-friendly moist and tender bite sized pieces". It's available in Mild Hickory, Sweet Teriyaki, and Natural Style varieties.

A 2 oz. bag has a suggested retail price of $2.99.
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06 June, 2006

Tijuana Mama Pickled Sausage

As far as junk food goes, this pickled sausage from Penrose is about a junky as junk food can get. Penrose is a brand of pickled snack foods that's been around for 40 years, and is the industry leader in sales of pickled sausages.

Tijuana Mama Pickled Sausage

I picked this up at my local AM/PM convenience store. It was sitting right by the check out counter, with the Slim Jims and the travel-sized packs of beef jerky. I decided to try it on for size. The store clerk shuddered in disbelief that I would actually want one of these.

In short, this like a "red hot" but pickled. The ingredients list on this thing says it's made with "mechanically separated chicken", pork, pork hearts, and beef, among the list of flavorings and chemicals.

It was kinda difficult removing this sausage from its package without damaging it. The thing wanted to crumble apart.

Once it was removed, the aroma (or should I say "odor") that permeated from this potent weenie was easily apparent within seconds. It didn't attack your nostrils the same way that a gob of wasabi might do, but it was enough to make you pull your head back.


The first thing that hits you is the potent and pungent flavor of the pickling juice. It's the same pickling juice they use with pickled eggs, mostly just vinegar and salt, and some paprika, according to the ingredients list.

It's hard to differentiate the taste of the sausage from the taste of the pickling juice. I'm not sure I can taste the sausage.

The label says that this is "300% Hotter". Compared to what? I don't know. These are definitely hot. The first bite won't burn you, it's after the fifth or sixth bite that'll have you waving your hand across your mouth. After eating half the weenie, my tongue is burning, my eyes are getting misty, and my scalp is starting to itch. But I can still eat more.


If you like pickles with extreme flavor, this has Extreme Flavor. If you like pickled eggs, you'll like this too, it's the same flavor.

The sausage leaves a thick film in the back of your throat, probably mucus as a natural defense against the hot spiciness.

I found it difficult to eat mainly because it kept crumbling apart. It's probably better to tear a hole at the top of the package, and squeeze the weenie out a bite at a time. Otherwise, you'll want a fork because it'll leave an oily-orange residue on your fingers.


This is definitely not something you'd want to eat on an empty stomach. I actually ate this just having finished a couple burritos from Del Taco. This is probably best as an after-meal snack.

On the snackability factor, one might desire to eat one of these things, but not several of them one right after another. I'd rather just eat one-half, and save the rest for another day. It's kinda like Kim Chi, you want to eat it, but you can only eat a little bit at a time.

I think this will be great in a bowl of chili, but crumbled up into pieces. It's got such intense flavor, that it'll give each spoonful a real kick.


Where purchased: AM/PM convenience store
Cost: $1.29 each
Buy it online: JerkySupermarket.com
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Healthy Intelligent Chocolate Truffles

Tamera's TrufflesA company called Vision makes a line of chocolate truffles using a special ingredient called, "E3Live".

E3Live is 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), a blue-green algae that the company grows and harvests out of Klamath Lake in Oregon. The company claims AFA provides numerous health benefits, ranging from improved memory, slowing down the aging process, better vision, and a whole laundry list of other stuff.

The company's line of Tamera's Truffles, which they dub, the "Healthy Intelligent Chocolat", contains E3Live in each creamy chocolate center.

They claim to make them using the finest Belgian chocolate to ensure the highest antioxidant and nutritional value. They also left out the waxes, fillers, and preservatives, and made them with organic ingredients.

Varieties include, "Tamera's Original", "Hawaiian Kona Espresso", "Blue Dream", "Mountain Raspberry", "Hot For You", "Coconut Paradise", and "Strawberry Romance".

You can order them online direct from Vision.
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Blueberry Bushel Popcorn

Blueberry Bushel PopcornDale & Thomas, makers of gourmet popcorn, have introduced seven new flavors for the Summer popcorn munching season, including this delicious-looking Blueberry variety.

Blueberry Bushel Popcorn combines the sweet and tart taste of just-picked blueberries added with D&T's caramel corn.

Sun-Drenched Strawberry is for those popcorn lovers who can't get enough of the sweet and tangy taste of strawberries. The flavor is combined with D&T's caramel corn.

Really Really Raspberry combines with the the sweet and tart taste of raspberries with D&T's caramel corn.

Pineapple Coconut Breeze is described as transporting you to a sun-dappled veranda where warm island breezes carry the scent of pineapples and aromatic coconut.

Sweet & Spicy BBQ combines the best of authentic BBQ flavor with D&T's sweet-and-salty KettleCorn, offering popcorn eaters a duo of sweet and smoky goodness.

Southwest Cheddar-Chipotle is a unique combination of smoky roasted chipotle chiles and sharp cheddar cheese creating a big outdoorsie flavor.

Buffalo & Blue takes the tangy, spicy taste of real Buffalo chicken wings with the flavor of cool and creamy blue cheese, and the company's world-famous KettleCorn.

You can buy any of these new flavors online from Dale and Thomas Popcorn.
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Haw Candy

Haw CandyThis is the first time I ever heard of "Haw Candy".

This particular product is marketed in China as "Haw Candy" under the Heng Feng brand name.

Haw Candy is made from the Hawthorn Berry. The Boston Globe published an article about this a couple years ago, describing its taste as "cherries and apples rolled up together". Apparently, it's popular with the Chinese.

The Heng Feng version claims their product is low in sugar, and promotes the nutrients of "fresh haw", which includes 18 amino acids, vitamins, calcium, and other minerals. The candy is sweetened with honey, and is labeled as having a "sweet, sour and tasty" flavor.
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America's Pancakes are China's Egg Rolls

Egg Roll WafersThis product dubbed, "Egg Roll Wafers", are made by a Chinese company called, "Guangdong Wangtong Food Co. Ltd., and sold to consumers in China.

These are sweet-tasting stick-shaped biscuits made from eggs, refined wheat flour, vegetable oil, and sugar.

In the USA, a combination of eggs and flour are often referred to as pancakes, or waffles. In this case, Chinese consumers are more apt to buy the same thing if marketed in a way familiar to them.
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Reese's Snacksters

Reese's SnackstersReese's Snacksters is a new product from Hershey Co. representing its effort to gain presence in the snack food aisles of grocery stores.

It's kinda like Chex Mix, containing cereal puffs, peanut butter chips, cereal squares, and Reese's Pieces.

The package is labeled, "Wholesome fun - 0 grams trans fat".

It's sold in a 2.4 oz. bag priced at 99 cents.
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Hershey's Nuggets - Cookies 'n' Creme

Hershey's Nuggets - Cookies 'n' CremeHershey Co. recently released a new confection called, "Cookies 'n' Creme Nuggets".

They're described as chocolate cookie bits covered white chocolate. The Nuggets are individually wrapped in paper inside a 12 oz. plastic bag, priced at $3.09.
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Mauna Loa - Macadamias and Almonds

Mauna Loa - Macadamias and AlmondsIf you happen to like both Macadamia nuts and Almond nuts, you're in luck.

Mauna Loa has introduced its latest nut mix, Macadamias and Almonds. No longer will you have to pluck out the pecans and cashews from their mixed nut variety.

It's packaged in an 8.5 oz. canister with a resealable plastic lid and priced at $6.95.
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Jolly Rancher Limited Edition Flavors

Jolly RancherHershey Co. has introduced two new limited edition varieties of its Jolly Rancher candy.

The Summer Fusion Flavors is an assortment of "Starry Strawberry", "Berry Boom", and "Lemonade Launch".

The Soda Pop Flavored variety is an assortment of "Orange Soda", "Cherry Cola Soda", "Lemon Lime Soda", and "Grape Soda" flavored candy.

The naturally and artificially flavored confections are sold in 9.1 oz. bags priced at $2.99 each.
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Hershey's Really Nuts! - Milk Chocolate Cocoa Almonds

Hershey's Really Nuts! - Milk Chocolate Cocoa AlmondsHershey's "Really Nuts!" line has been extended to include the new "Milk Chocolate Cocoa Almonds".

It's said to be almonds covered with real milk chocolate and Hershey's Cocoa.

The new chocolatey nuts are packaged in a 2.25 oz. plastic bag priced at $1.50.
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Twizzlers Twizted Smoothie

Twizzlers Twizted SmoothieA new limited edition flavor is available from Twizzlers.

"Smoothie" contains strands of artificially flavored orange, strawberry, and raspberry candy.

The limited edition variety is part of Twizzler's "Pull-n-Peel" line.

They're presented in an 11 oz. plastic bag priced at $1.55.
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Hershey's Kisses Confetti Sprinkles Mini Cookies

Hershey's Kisses Confetti Sprinkles Mini CookiesHershey Co. recently introduced a new line of cookies with the Hershey's Kisses name.

These are not chocolates, but cookies shaped like Kisses. They have colored candy sprinkles stuck to 'em.

While the name "Hershey's Kisses" is clearly labled, they're actually part of the Hershey's Cookies brand.

Available in a 9 oz. "family size" box priced at $2.99.
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Wheat Thins Chips - Veggie

Wheat Thins Chips - VeggieThe Wheat Thins Chips line, produced by Kraft Foods, was extended to include the new , "Veggie" variety.

These are different from the "Harvest Garden Vegetable" variety, in that these are in the "Wheat Thins Chips" line, while the other is in the regular "Wheat Thins" line.

The company says the new variety is made with real vegetables, and offers 60% less fat than regular fried potato chips.

A 9 oz. bag comes with a suggested retail price of $2.99.
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Triscuit - Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil

Triscuit - Cracked Pepper & Olive OilKraft Foods' line of Triscuit Baked Whole Grain Wheat Crackers is now boasting a new variety, "Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil".

Amongst its ingredients, is ... guess what ... cracked pepper, and olive oil.

A 9.5 oz. box has a suggested retail price of $2.99.
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