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30 May, 2006

World Kitchens Beef Jerky

World Kitchens Beef JerkyI don't normally do taste tests here at Junk Food Blog, but this is one of those rare times that I will.

Summary: Barf!!!

World Kitchens is a brand of beef jerky I found at the supermarket yesterday. I'm always buying beef jerky and sunflower seeds as my blog staple of choice, and I needed to replenish.

I bought this particular bag of jerky because it contained a full pound (16oz) of jerky, compared to the 4oz you often see with other brands. Moreover, it only costs $9.99, compared to $5.99 for the 4oz competitor brands. What a deal I thought!

I bought the Teriyaki flavor.

The very first taste told me right away something was wrong. It didn't taste like jerky. Yes, it did have a teriyaki flavor, but it was almost like this stuff was very old. I checked the expiration date, it was dated for "09/20/07", still plenty fresh.

I gave the piece some chews and it crumbled apart into pieces. It's obviously not real chunks of meat. The package does say, "BEEF JERKY", and the ingredients does say, "sliced beef", but beef could be from any part of the animal. There's beef hearts, beef tongue, beef liver, beef kidney, etc.

Chewing further on, this stuff started tasting like liver. Honestly, I don't know what this stuff is made out of.

The package says the jerky is actually made in Brazil, and distributed to the USA by BrucePac, apparently the company that owns the World Kitchens brand.

Interestingly, the company has published a long list of customer comments from its most loyal of fans.

I think I'll save the rest of it for my dogs. I hope they'll understand.

Note: Check out another review I did for my dog blog.


Anonymous said...

I have purchased this product for a long time, this is the best product I have ever had. I don't know what you are talking about.

You sure seem to want to make a bad thing out of a good thing...

Anonymous said...

I've just been enjoying my first taste. I liked it but I soon got a piece with grit. It was like chewing dirt. This wasn't the entire experience but it made me wonder enough about it to start googling, and that brought me here. I bought the "Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky" and I find the flavor good and it was nice and spicy.

I wonder what the factory looks like. I'm afraid of what I might find.

More and more we need to know that some person is responsible for the product. I wonder who makes this product and what they would say about the grit.

Anonymous said...

I work for the company that makes this product. I am sorry you do not like it.
We sell SO MUCH of it, I feel we must be doing something right!!!

Maybe if you tried another flavor, like Old Fashion you would like it better.

Anonymous said...

World Kitchens beef jerky is not on the highest quality available anywhere- it is also the fastest growing brand in the entire country. Based on your review- one would have to question your agenda????

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing a couple of the anonymous posters must have some stock in World Kitchen's jerky; but the best jerky I've ever had is homemade or Pemmican's original flavor. I'm a cheapskate; and my thirty dollar investment into a food dehydrator has paid me back many a time. Jerky, dried fruit, ect, to taste! Skip the shitty jerky and make your own. :)

Anonymous said...

I am a jerky junky and a bit of a jerky snob, and when I found this jerky for the nice price of 8.99 for a pound I had to try it. I bought the peppered jerky, and have not bought any other jerky with out noticing how much less I like them. I still prefer my own homemade jerky, but at the price the "premium" makers charge, you will not find me looking twice at their product.

Anonymous said...

There is something seriously wrong with teriyaki, the peppered is great. although my experience has always been that the teriyaki flavors no matter the brand are horrid. Gimme peppered!

rasseng on 12/02/2007 11:00:00 PM said...

I have been buying World Kitchens jerky for three years, and its the best jerky i have ever eaten! I buy the peppered kind, but like someone else posted, Teriyaki flavor usually sucks no matter what brand. I think you should get the peppered. It tatses like bef, not liver, and doesn't crumble apart. I have never wondered what it was made of, because the peppered is so delicious you don't have to wonder.

Anonymous said...

First off, I'm not a employed or have any stake at all with this company, so take my word for it. This is the best tasting beef jerky i've ever had (elk is better than beef though)! Having said that, you have to watch out when you purchase this flavor. I've noticed that some of the meat in some of the bags have a much redder color, while others have a much darker brown color to it. The brown colored bags are nasty! The pieces drier and more crumbly like as described in the other comment, but if you stick to the bags that have red colored meat, you won't be disappointed... I don't know what the deal is with this flavor or why it varies so much, but the color of the meat in the bag is a dead give away as to it's taste.

Anonymous said...

I agree with others that this is one of the best commercial beef jerkys I've tasted (though Tillamook Country Smoker peppered jerky is also very good).

The just previous comment made me chuckle. I deliberately look for the dark brown colored beef; I like its flavor better than the reddish-colored version. But heck; both are good!

Anonymous said...

This beef jerky is the best i ever had and probably will have. I dont know what you are talking about saying its bad.
But whatever, you dont like it dont buy it.

Anonymous said...

I have tried all flavors, Oringal, Maple Sugar, Peppered, teriyaki, and Hot N Spicy. They are ALL awesome and I have tried a lot of Jerky. People are correct if you get a fresh bag it is the softest jerky and very tendor but the flavor rocks. My wife gsts mad because I buy pounds at a time. GOOD STUFF. I heard the "grit" is large salt or sugar grains.

Anonymous said...

I have been buying the peppered beef jerky for years and loved it, until I read the back of the package and found it was Brazilian this beef raised on grassland that resulted from the destruction of tropical rain forests?? I've been trying to find out and have STOPPED BUYING IT until I know for sure. We must stop the destruction of rain forests.

Anonymous said...

My wife purchased a bag of this Jerky from Buymart. I'm really not liking the fact that the origin of the beef is not on the bag. It shows where it was packaged but not where it was made. I had to find this site to get that info. Brazilian beef is fine but I was very worried it came from China.

Anonymous said...

first of all, i haven't tried this beef jerky but am here to address the jerky from brazil question. i am currently on in exhange program to brazil from pennslyvania, and i just finished my last bag of jerky :( (snuck it into brazil)
lots of jerky brands come from the mass of delicious cows in brazil, but for some reason you cannot bring meat into brazil, even if it says brazilian beef on the bag..

so to just say, if this product is made with brazilian beef, thats a good chance why its so delicious, and with the grit problem, i would think its more a fault of the mass production of the meat, maybe some more quality control at the factory could fix this, as to the color or such.

just some insight for you guys

Richard on 9/08/2008 10:53:00 PM said...

I have been enjoying beef jerky for many years. I have tried all of the brands sold in the New York City-Tri-state area. I tried a pound pack of World Kitchen's teriyaki flavored jerky because it was being solf at the cheapest price I have ever seem for beef jerky. It was not too salty and very fresh and moist. Ir was so good, that I stocked up by purchasing 25 pounds of it!

Anonymous said...

I agree that World Kitchens beef jerky is horrible. I wouldn't be surprised if they use only internal organs. I ate it once and was on the crapper for about 24 hours. I guess you get what you pay for. No thanks.

Yee-Ha on 9/30/2008 06:57:00 PM said...

Best product I think I've tasted in a long time. I always held up Pemican as the benchmark for what a quality Beef Jerky should not only taste like, but also the mouth feel, and the lack of sinew. A friend of my wife and I introduced me to this brand and I was hooked. He had the Teriyaki, Peppered, and Original on hand at the time and I sampled all 3. My preference is the Peppered, and Original. Original is my all-time favorite. I am not now nor have I ever been associated with World Kitchen, its associates, or any of their marketing or advertising people, etc. I’m retired from a telecommunications company, and due to long hours without meal breaks and emergency conditions that sometimes occur, a product such as jerky, Smokey Joe’s, and the like were lifesavers. Now that I’m retired, I obviously don’t have to deal with those situations, but I sometimes crave a good jerky, and this one is fantastic for its flavor, tenderness, texture, etc. The price at Walmart has been running in the neighborhood of 8.99. Our local grocery chain Raley’s/Bel Air sell it regularly in the 10.99 range. I’m completely satisfied with this product.


Solarstar on 11/09/2008 07:57:00 AM said...

I have tried all the flavors Orignal, Spicy, Brown Sugar, Peppered, and Teriyaki. This stuff rocks! I have not experienced the "grit" some has stated that it is unrefined sugar or salt. This stuff is awesome I dislike buying any other brand because of the price and more importantly I am hooked on the unique flavor. It is very good.

Anonymous said...

I think this is the best friggin' jerky I have ever tasted! I buy no other, since I found it! I love the peppered.

Anonymous said...

you can't use internal organs to make jerky, you friggin idiot! It is 100% pure high quality meat! Sometimes when you are used to eating crap all the time, and then something of high quality, you end up on the crapper.

Anonymous said...

I recently bought a bag of the sweet and spicy. One pound bag for $10.99 I have to admit that it has a nice flavor. I did get some of the "grit" that others wrote about, and I will guarantee that it was not salt or sugar, it was much harder and flavorless. It was more like sand. Almost like the meat had been dropped on a dirty floor before it was dehydrated. Somebody mentioned Brazil as the origin of the meat. I would be fine with a Food product made in Brazil, however my bag did not indicate the origin of the meat. It only said "Packaged in USA" which sounds to me like a deceptive way of saying "Made in China". Although this stuff is tastey, It seems to lack quality control because many others have blogged about "grit" in the meat. Also, you just cant trust a food product that hides its country of origin on the packaging. I am just going to assume that this stuff is made in China and never buy it again. I like "Jack Links" brand better any way and am more than willing to spend a little more cash to know who made it.

Anonymous said...

its horrible. i just ate 1 piece
i got the original. BLAH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to say this is the best jerky I've ever had, but it certainly isn't bad. I have never found grit in any WK jerky, and most pieces are decently soft and chewable. It beats Jack's every time.

Anonymous said...

To all you jerky lovers out there. I have found the best jerky on the market. I highly recommend it! This is there web site

Anonymous said...

World Kitchen is the best Jerky I've ever tasted, solid pices of meat. Not all World's Kitchen Jerky is from Brazil, but I lived in Brazil, they have leaner beef than the US. Many Brahma's, the Filet Mignon is about $2 dollars a pound and is mouth watering. They have more cows than people in Brazil

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