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23 May, 2006

Select Chex Mix Fruit and Nuts

Select Chex Mix Fruit and NutsGeneral Mills is introducing a new variety of Chex Mix, called, "Select Chex Fruit and Nut Snack Mix".

It's described as yogurt covered Chex, with blends of real fruit and nuts.

Varieties include "Apple Cinnamon with Walnuts", and "Tropical with Almonds".

Both have a suggested retail price of $2.59.


Diane said...

I tried the apple flavor today. Not too great. I think the overall flavor is too sweet, and the yogurt covered chex seem sort of out of place if you ask me. Plus, they cover the walnuts in some kind of sugary cinnamon stuff. It would be better if just the chex were cinnamony with maybe plain walnuts and crunchier apple chips (sorta soggy). Also, maybe add pretzels? I don't know ...just a thought.

Anonymous said...

love the yogurt covered chex, don't care for the cranberries or walnuts. i do wish the apples could be crisper

Anonymous said...

The Apple Cinnamon flavor Chex Snack mix was a hit with the kids and the grown ups here! The apples would be better if they were crunchy Apple Chips. There needed to be more of the yogurt covered Chex in the mix. I would pay at least four dollars a box to have a bowl of 100% yogurt covered Chex cereal. I poured myself a bowl of this mix and added milk. Perfect late night bowl of comfort!

Olean on 10/06/2007 07:26:00 PM said...

I just ate a bunch of the tropical with almonds kind for dessert. I really enjoy it!! It's sweet enough but not too sweet and really hit the spot on my sugar/carb craving while not being totally bad for me =P

Joy said...

I love the yogurt covered Chex, in the cinnamon apple kind, and I like the walnuts too. I think they should come in packages alone!

Meaghan F. on 9/19/2008 10:38:00 PM said...

I love the apple cinnamon flavor, but you can't find it anywhere anymore! I don't buy chex anymore because I can't stand any of the other flavors after eating this one.

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