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01 May, 2006

Schwan's Z-Bops

Schwan's Z-BopsSchwan Food Co. recently introduced their new frozen novelty, Z-Bops.

It's a competitor to the already successful Dippin' Dots.

They come in two varieties, "Cookies 'N Cream", and "Cherry Blue Raz".

The frozen miniature balls of ice cream come in 3.75 oz. (106g) sealed cardboard cups that are sold in a 4-count 15 oz. (425g) box priced at $7.99.

Package copy says, "Zweet! And fun to eat! Zip'em open and zap'em down!"

Right on.


Anonymous said...

they will never be better than Dippin Dots... mmmm dippin dots... ::licks lips::

Anonymous said...

pff...z-bops are exactly like dippin dots. there prettymuch is no difference between the cookies n cream ones. the berry z-bops are nasty though.

Anonymous said...

As an employee veteran for Schwans I can confirm that Z-bops are indentical to Dippin Dots. As a matter of fact Dippin Dots holds the patten to the product and makes them for Schwans. Also when you see a Schwans driver give a break they are slaves to the company and often have to work 14 hour days to survive.

Anonymous said...

the cookies and cream are very good,
don't like other flavor
I wish that there could be a bigger box so they wouldn't cost $2 each

Anonymous said...

$2 a cup is a bargain. When was the last time you bought Dippin Dots' for $2?

Anonymous said...

another schwans man here, yes they are actually dippin dots under another name, molli coolz is the patent holder and they make them for schwans. and as the guy said earlier, yes we are slaves to the company, 14 to 16 hours a day 6 days a week! ouch! :)

Anonymous said...

I have a chance to go to work for Schwans. If there are any Schwan drivers out there can you answer the question what does you wife think about all those hours, also is the job phsyically demanding. You must burn out after so long. From a Joe, but not a plummer

Anonymous said...

Getting off the track of zbops.... but, I work for Schwans in upper management. I moved up the company very quickly, the company does expect a lot from employees, but rewards are great also.

Anonymous said...

I worked for Schwans for over 20 years, starting during the terrible economy of the early '80s. Don't listen to anyone from this company-gone-wrong. It was taken over, after the founder died, by people who would sell their children for a bonus check. I have also seen numerous trucks experience melt downs and instead of discarding the food, it is just refrozen and put right back on the road and sold to unsuspecting consumers. I haven't bought from this company for 5 years, and wish I would have woke up sooner.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the ticked off ex-employees. A bit of advice...look in the mirror.

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