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01 May, 2006

LesserEvil Maple Pecan Popcorn

LesserEvil Maple Pecan PopcornLesserEvil Brand Snack Co. added a new variety to its line of "heart healthy" kettle corn.

Maple Pecan Kettle Corn is described as a crunchy, pecan sprinkled, all natural maple kettle corn. It contains pure maple syrup and fresh pecans.

All of LesserEvil's kettle corn varieties are made with whole grain, fiber-rich popcorn with added natural ingredients. They're air-popped to stay low in fat, which is why they brand it as "heart healthy".

They also add "powerful plant extracts" (known as plant sterols) to lower your levels of bad cholesterol. I suppose it's a way to counteract the 16oz rib eye steak you had for dinner.

Note, we mentioned LesserEvil before.


Candy Guy on 5/01/2006 04:12:00 PM said...

I reviewed 4 of the LesserEvil flavors recently here. MaplePecan sounds good. SinNamon ROCKS!


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