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11 May, 2006

Laloo's Goats Milk Ice Cream

Laloo's Goats Milk Ice CreamThe name Laloo's Goats Milk Ice Cream Company pretty much sums it up.

The company was started by Laura Howard, who gave up her career as a film producer in Hollywood, so that she could pursue her real passion, ice cream.

Goat's milk is said to be more similar to human milk than cow's milk, and is lower in fat and lower in lactose, making it a viable alternative for lactose-intolerant ice cream lovers.

Varieties include, "Vanilla Snowflake", "Black Mission Fig", "Deep Chocolate", "Strawberry Darling", "Molasses Tipsycake", "Lemon Chiffon", "Pumpkin Spice", and "Chocolate Cabernet".

Visit their store locator.


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